Update on Carolina Ranch fire in Hyde County

By on June 20, 2022

(Photo credit: Carolina Ranch in Hyde County)

(Carolina Ranch)

A representative of the Carolina Ranch in Hyde County has released this June 20 update on a fire that burned an estimated 500-800 acres on the property. The ranch is a 15,000-acre farm with 80% of the land consisting of Peat Shrubland, managed as a carbon farm.

Here are some details as we know them currently. (This is a fast-moving and dynamic situation, so facts can change quickly):

  • The fire started as the result of a lightning strike
  • It is a surface fire, and the peat has NOT caught fire at this time.
  • The peat not catching fire (so far) is the result of extensive water management that has kept the water table high and the peat moist enough to resist the fire. As a result, we have not lost any peat. This is a successful implementation of water management to Pocosion lands to prevent fire and promote carbon sequestration.
  • The fire is contained at this time.
  • The fire has burned an estimated 500-800 acres of land and has remained on Carolina Ranch. It has NOT spread to public lands.
  • The fire is being managed by teams from The NC Forest Service and is being supported by teams from the NC Fish and Wildlife Dept.
  • Teams created fire breaks to manage the fire and water was aggressively moved to the canal systems on the farm to fight the fire and prevent its spread.
  • More water will be brought in from New Lake to increase water in the canals and water table.
  • The fire started on the backside of the ranch in the carbon farming section and moved to the Tree Farm section of the farm.
  • The Ranch asks that no one visits the ranch to try and see the fire. Only authorized people can be on the land.
  • We are extremely grateful to the local community for all of the help they have provided during this emergency!

More details as they become available.





  • Arthur Pewty

    What the heck is a carbon farm? Is that where they grow charcoal briquettes?

    Monday, Jun 20 @ 8:04 pm
  • Breynn

    @arthur pewty basically it means they are paid to leave their trees there so the trees can clean the air. https://www.carboncycle.org/what-is-carbon-farming/

    Tuesday, Jun 21 @ 5:58 am
  • C A

    In other words, undeveloped private property. Their getting paid to not develop it? That’s interesting.

    Tuesday, Jun 21 @ 2:30 pm
  • Arthur Pewty

    How much air do the trees clean when they are on fire?

    Wednesday, Jun 22 @ 8:43 pm