What you should know about Alma

By on June 24, 2022

(Corolla Wild Horse Fund)

Alma’s wounds are being closely monitored. (Corolla Wild Horse Fund)

This update on Alma was posted early on the morning of July 20 by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

We have some great news to report this morning – Alma has joined up with a new group of horses! Way to go, girl! We knew she would figure it out. She’s with stallion Cowboy, mares Daisy and Shala, and Shala’s three year old son Renzi. The wounds on her face are healed, she’s in excellent physical condition, and now she’s got friends too. There’s a lot to be said for trusting the horses, trusting nature, and doing what’s best even when it’s hard on our human emotions. Excited to see what the future holds for this special mare!


This update on Alma was posted early on the morning of June 24 by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

We’ve been getting a ton of calls about two-year-old mare Alma — hopefully, this post will help answer some questions and spread the word about what everyone can do to help us ensure she stays safe, healthy and wild.

Of particular note, as you can see from the photo Alma has wounds on both sides of her face, probably from being bit. Our vet has been consulted and has advised that they are clean and healing well, and not anything to be too worried about. We will continue to remain in close contact with our vet, but there is no reason at this point to be concerned for Alma’s physical well-being.

Earlier this spring, Alma was pushed out of the harem she born into. The stallion (who is most likely her father, but DNA will confirm) became aggressive towards her and would not let her get close to the rest of the mares. Alma is often alone on the beach and to human observers seems lost, which is understandably concerning. It may be difficult to see, but we have to remember that these are wild horses behaving naturally. It’s what eventually happens to each and every young horse, though Alma’s situation is a little unique.

Alma’s family lives in an area with a low population of horses— it’s just them for over a mile. Normally, a mare that’s pushed out of her harem would quickly be scooped up by another stallion but there just aren’t any other harems close by for Alma to assimilate into. The good news is she finally seems to be migrating north, towards more densely populated areas. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she comes across a welcoming group soon.

What we are most concerned about is the fact that Alma seems to be getting increasingly habituated. She’s been approaching and following people and is getting very close to vehicles. We are asking that all visitors please do everything possible to discourage this behavior if you happen to encounter Alma. Get into your vehicle, wave your arms around to scare her away from you, and definitely do not pet her or give her any positive attention at all. We want Alma to be completely disinterested in humans – afraid of them, even. She is in a very vulnerable position right now, where she is young, impressionable, and unfortunately alone. We want her to be seeking out the company of other horses, not people.

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  • Fat Old Guy

    Wave your arms and scare people away? Okay.
    As an alternative….
    How about deputies BEHIND the dunes to discourage
    folks from petting and feeding? How about deputies behind
    the dues preventing the tour company with the blue tops
    from corralling the horses?
    Just a thought.

    Saturday, Jun 25 @ 9:05 am
  • Jokes

    Horse tour companies chase them down corral them up and they get agitated. Where’s the deputies enforcing horse tour regulations? Hate to say it but it’s time just to relocate all of them the fat old guy said it best the white trucks with the blue tops and the brown Hummers terrible to see what they do

    Saturday, Jun 25 @ 4:01 pm
  • Scott

    It is definitely time to get the horses out of Carova Beach. Nobody follows the rules regarding the horses, so they may as well be relocated somewhere far away where they can live in peace.

    Tuesday, Jun 28 @ 3:17 pm