Two new doctors to join Manteo family practice

By on July 2, 2022


Facility will also lose physician’s assistant next month

In a video message released on July 1, Outer Banks Hospital President Ronnie Sloan announced the pending arrival of two new full-time providers at the Outer Banks Family Medicine Practice in Manteo, where more than 2,400 patients recently learned they could no longer receive care because of a provider shortage.

At the same time, Sloan also reported that Physician’s Assistant Christopher Handron will be leaving the Manteo practice at the end of August.

In the 7-minute-and 30-second video, Sloan said that Dr. David Worthen and Dr. Erin Baker would be joining the Manteo practice. Dr. Worthen, who is slated to begin on July 18, will assume Handron’s patients and will be able to add “several hundred patients” from the waiting list in the coming months. Dr. Baker will begin on Oct. 31 and will take patients who are on the waiting list.

Sloan also stressed that “it will take some time to re-establish care for all impacted patients,” and added that next week, the 2,418 patients who were dropped from the Manteo practice will receive a letter informing then how to get on a wait list to re-establish care.

Without going further into specifics, Sloan said he will have another announcement next week about bringing additional primary care resources to the Nags Head location.

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  • David Smith

    You should recruit Dr.Kerry Partis. She worked for Sentara before moving on. She is an excellent physician.

    Saturday, Jul 2 @ 7:07 pm
  • Bobby

    Great, but a band aid. When are we getting a replacement for Dr. Terryberry who left the Kitty Hawk office months ago. I’ll bet his patient level was over 1000. We have been assigned to either a nurse or P.A. I contacted three Currituck Commissioners about the lack of primary care and suggested they partner with Dare county to help solve this. I received no reply from any of them. Maybe it’s time to vote some people out of office for their lack of concern for county residents.

    Saturday, Jul 2 @ 9:17 pm
  • Runnerguy45

    Power of the press.
    Funny how this got done after much attention from the Voice.
    Thank you for your coverage

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 5:10 am
  • Steve

    Nice try at a rebound on this PR nightmare but how long until we’re high & dry again? Will you again not pay competitive wages or fire someone for “taking too much time” with patients?

    Say what you want…..2 providers from Outer Banks Family Practice are still here…oh & they still have housing!! Time to admit you’ve screwed up & left the Outer Banks in crisis.

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 6:22 am
  • Jay

    “Sloan also stressed that “it will take some time to re-establish care for all impacted patients,” and added that next week, the 2,418 patients who were dropped from the Manteo practice will receive a letter informing then how to get on a wait list to re-establish care.”

    That’s nice even with new providers coming on board the patients that were dropped now have to get on a wait list? Folks the days of having a doctor that was “personal” to you are over. You might as well surrender and go to the new health care fast food model based on McDonalds where you use Urgent Care and hope for the best.

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 8:00 am
  • Jan mcmin

    OBX hospital would better serve our community if they opened more beds upstairs and had an ICU, things that real hospitals do. All it serves is urgent care type folks

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 9:22 am
  • Kit

    I agree with Jay… The practice left the patients, we didn’t leave the practice… Why should we now be required to be on a waiting list to determine who gets to resume medical care? A major SNAFU by any standard! Wonder if this is why Vidant is now ECU Health… maybe to deflect rsponsibility?

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 10:31 am
  • Thomas

    I’ve lived here for 20+ years in retirement. Medical care on the Outer Banks has always been sketchy at best. If you have a serious problem (heart, cancer) you better get up to Norfolk. There have been some good doctors here but they are overworked and some others have moved on or retired from practice. If you have health issues or require specialist care you will not find solutions here on the Outer Banks. It’s a great shame!

    Sunday, Jul 3 @ 4:49 pm
  • sandflea

    OBX hospital is nothing more than a glorified Doc-in-the-Box. The administration has had so much turnover that I’ve lost count years ago. In fact, the whole operation there is a revolving door for all levels of employees. It’s the most profitable hospital in the Vident system. Not only can they gouge people with hospital rates, but they can change an additional 50% screw-you charge. Dr’s, PA’s, NP’s are all being told how long they can spend with a patient; or else. It’s not healthcare, it’s money-care.

    Tuesday, Jul 5 @ 7:43 am
  • trocar

    Why do we have to be put on a waiting list. We are established patients we should come first.

    Tuesday, Jul 5 @ 8:50 am
  • Travis

    Thanks to Dr. David Worthen and Dr. Erin Baker for stepping up to the plate to provide health care to our area. And thanks to the Voice for helping keep the spotlight on this issues. As Runnerguy said, power of the press.

    Tuesday, Jul 5 @ 2:06 pm
  • Surfdog

    Sad to say that this is a nationwide problem. Tuition free to those interested in healthcare is what is needed. I do know several people that have been with the hospital for a long time. As is the case everywhere, there are good doctors and so not good doctors. Healthcare needs to be addressed by our government on all levels.

    Thursday, Jul 7 @ 2:45 pm