New doctor headed to Nags Head medical group

By on July 9, 2022

In a video message released on July 8, Outer Banks Hospital President Ronnie Sloan announced that a new physician will be joining the Outer Banks Medical Group in Nags Head in the coming months.

The news comes a week after Sloan announced that two new full-time providers will be joining the Outer Banks Medicine practice in Manteo, where more than 2,400 patients were informed by a May 23 letter that they could no longer receive care there — triggering a series of meetings and efforts that focused on the provider shortage affecting the county.

Dr. Mark Worthen – the father of one of the physicians joining the Manteo practice, Dr. David Worthen – will arrive later this summer or fall, opening up access to approximately 3,000 to 5,000 new patients over time, according to Sloan.

Ultimately, the elder Dr. Worthen’s practice will be located in a new Nags Head location recently purchased by the Outer Banks Hospital. The new building, located at 4917 S. Croatan Highway, is on the east side of U.S. 158 just south of the hospital and situated between the Children’s Workshop daycare center and the site of the hospital’s future Carol S. and Edward D. Cowell, Jr. Cancer Center.

“With supply chain restraints, it will take approximately six months to get this new space up and running,” Sloan said in the video. “Because Dr. Mark Worthen will be here before the space is ready, we’re looking for temporary locations for him in the Nags Head area.”

Sloan said that both Worthens are relocating to North Carolina from practices in Hawaii. “Both hailing from eastern North Carolina, they are anxious to become a part of our coastal community, provide much-needed medical care and enjoy their favorite hobby – surfing,” he noted.

Sloan also stated that the hospital is actively recruiting for a permanent replacement for Dr. Daniel Terryberry, who left the Outer Banks Family Medicine-Kitty Hawk location earlier this year. “And good news is coming soon regarding a new provider for Outer Banks Women’s Care,” he added.

Also as part of his July 8 announcement, Sloan reiterated that with two primary care providers being added to the Manteo practice – Dr. David Worthen on July 18 and Dr. Erin Baker on Oct. 31 – by fall of this year, the clinic will have a “full complement of three full-time physicians.” Physician’s Assistant Christopher Handron, however, will be leaving the Manteo practice at the end of August.

During the video, Sloan also referenced a July 5 letter sent to the more than 2,400 patients who received the May 23 letter. He explained that beginning July 11, those patients will have exclusive access to the waitlist phone line for a four-week period in order to re-establish care. After that, on Aug. 8, the phone line opens to the community at large.

“The waitlist opens at 8:30 a.m. on Monday and we are really looking forward to restoring care at Manteo Family Medicine over the next several months,” Sloan asserted.

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  • Kathy’

    Everything is secondary to one’s health. Mom said ‘you are your own doctor after 50’. Take care!

    Saturday, Jul 9 @ 11:14 am
  • Bobby

    So a replacement for Dr. Terryberry is still in the works. He left way before any of this happened. All his patients now have a nurse or P.A. In the meantime we’ve come up with two replacement Doctors for Mateo and a Doctor to open a new practice. Most of the patients I see at Doctor Terryberry’s old practice are elderly retirees who are residents here and need more care the most. I wonder what priority system is being used to provide medical care to current customers.

    Saturday, Jul 9 @ 1:08 pm
  • Kit

    Somebody needs to get their stuff together! The article quotes Sloan saying the waitlist number will be active as of 8:30 AM July 11 but the letter they sent us says 8:00 AM! No wonder things are so screwed up!

    Sunday, Jul 10 @ 10:59 am
  • BB Wylie Walden

    Thank you for keeping us updated on the unfolding story of Vidant – now ECU Healthcare’s plans for replacing several of their missing and or needed doctors. Interesting to note that the father and son doctors Worthen will both be practising down here. That sounds promising.

    I also wanted to report that I was able to get through on the telephone line just after 8AM, as were a number of friends and family members. After about 4 busy signals with no pick up – it all worked out. Everyone I know reached the activated voicemail.

    Monday, Jul 11 @ 11:55 am
  • Steph b

    They spend all thier money on new properties and buildings, but can’t maintain the staff to work in them.

    Thursday, Jul 14 @ 7:42 pm