Currituck Board approves zoning change for campground at H2OBX Waterpark

By on July 19, 2022

The proposed layout of the campground at the H2OBX site. View a higher res of the H2OBX RV & Waterpark Resort.

At its July 18 meeting, The Currituck County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a zoning change that would potentially pave the way for a campground on the H2OBX Waterpark property in Powells Point that could have up to 335 campsites.

The applicant, H20BX Waterpark, LLC., would still need to return to the commissioners to secure site plan approval in order to move forward with the project, H2OBX RV & Waterpark Resort. If constructed, the campground would include a mix of RV campsites, tent sites and cabins that would be built in at least two phases.

The campground, which will be accessed from the existing waterpark entrance, would also feature a swimming pool, playground, pickleballcourts, cornhole courts, shuffleboard courts, volleyball courts, a lodge and pavilion, golf cart rentals and a dog park.

Currituck County Planning Director Kevin Kemp told the commissioners during the meeting that the application marks the first one for a campground since they amended the zoning ordinance in February that permits the use in certain instances. Of the total 97 acres that constitute the site, 60 of that will be used for the campground,

Development of the site would be done in two phases due to the capacity of the on-site wastewater plant, Kemp explained. The plant has adequate facilities for the first phase, but if additional wastewater facilities are needed for the second phase, H2OBX would need to obtain necessary state permits.

One of a number of conditions that were part of the zoning change approval on Monday is that the project engineer designate the number of campsites and which amenities would be part of the initial phase.

Jerry Siever, who lives adjacent to the waterpark on Lucinda Lane, was one of several residents who spoke during the public hearing regarding traffic safety concerns.

“This is a great looking project here,” Siever said. “But I want all of you to listen very carefully because it will happen…if there ain’t a light there and campers are coming out of there, someone is gonna be killed. I’m telling you.”

Commissioner Selena Jarvis, who made the motion to approve the zoning change and also added the requirement for a traffic study to the list of conditions, urged residents to go to the N.C. Department of Transportation’s website to voice their concerns regarding the need for a traffic signal at the site.

“I realize this is a conditional rezoning [application],” said Jarvis. “But I think we need to voice our concerns for the next step. If this conditional zoning is approved tonight, I really believe that the next step is not going to be as palatable,”

“It’s dangerous to live in Lower Currituck,” she noted, adding that “we don’t get some of these concerns addressed…this is not gonna make it any less dangerous.”

Ken Ellis of H2OBX Waterpark said that he would be agreeable to a traffic study as well as be a proponent of a traffic light at the entrance, which would be up to the N.C. Department of Transportation to install.

Of the project in general, Ellis noted that the applicant was “looking to do a first-class facility.”

“Obviously we’re very keen on Lower Currituck, we’ve invested down there, and we have a nice recreational property,” he told the commissioners. “We do think this will be a good complement for the area and the park itself. They do work well together.”

View additional H2OBX RV & Waterpark Resort details in the The Currituck County Board of Commissioners agenda packet.





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  • Luminous

    So instead of expanding the water park (what they said was the original and optional Phase II of H2OBX, provided customer demand warranted it), now campsites seem to the owner to be a more profitable use of the land. Could be.

    For a couple years, it seemed like there had been no dramatic benefit to neighboring Powells Point and vicinity properties, as water park proponents touted, but slowly but surely, there have been signs of growth there along US 158. Maybe campsites will kick it into gear.

    Tuesday, Jul 19 @ 7:40 pm
  • Bobby

    One Family Physician in Currituck County and the present commissioners will not even discuss this critical shortage to the residents of the county. We’re talking non treated health issues while they approve more tourist traps.

    Tuesday, Jul 19 @ 8:37 pm
  • Billy Best

    Financially struggling waterpark now grasping for revenue by turning Lower Currituck into even more of a traffic nightmare. Can hardly get out on the main highway from Friday afternoon through Sunday now, so adding 300+ campers coming and going should make it even worse. It is difficult now for emergency services to reach us on the weekend, so County approval for this “desirable” addition will not improve that situation.

    Let’s not bail out shortsighted investors by another mistake that will have serious harm to Lower Currituck and its residents.

    Tuesday, Jul 19 @ 11:44 pm
  • Steven

    Utter ruin of the outer banks is where we currently are, now they want to ruin all the adjacent towns too..

    Wednesday, Jul 20 @ 5:45 am
  • m.

    Both Dare and Currituck are being totally irresponsible regarding development. We do not have the infrastructure to handle the amount of people that are coming to the area. We do not have housing for employees to handle all these people and we don’t have the medical personal or facilities. I would suggest that residents start reaching out to State and Federal officials regarding the issues that our Counties are facing and are being ignored by local officials. All the money that the Counties make, go back into tourism and not improvements for the residents and making the communities safe.

    Wednesday, Jul 20 @ 7:42 am
  • Greg

    Build the Mid Currituck Bridge. The visitors checking in and out of Corolla Friday through Monday will use it. Those visitors are providing a great deal of tax revenue to Currituck County. Commercial traffic solely destined for that area will also use it. The fishing around that bridge will be very good.

    Wednesday, Jul 20 @ 10:16 am
  • surf123

    When the water park was being constructed I doubted it was viable given the difficulty in crossing the bridge and distance from the beach. Campgrounds are money makers if they are nice, but again not being close to the beach is going to be an issue. The water park will work for a while once it goes bankrupt and it is bought by someone else for pennies on the dollar. COVID certainly did not help.

    Wednesday, Jul 20 @ 2:02 pm
  • Lisa

    It all sounds good on paper, but Currituck does not do a good job of looking at the traffic the roads can handle. Backed up RV traffic at this point of 158 will spell another disaster for tourists coming into the beach. If the Mid Currituck bridge gets built, you then have two places where traffic will slow or stop people trying to go each way. Money is nice, but much needs to be done to plan it out first, and that isn’t happening.

    Wednesday, Jul 20 @ 6:49 pm
  • Bobby

    Read todays’ news on DOT lowering the speed limit to 45 here. Look at the stats provided for the wrecks and deaths on this stretch of road. And the Commissioners approved this?? Looks like anything for tourist money including deaths and destruction is allowed.

    Thursday, Jul 21 @ 4:09 pm
  • Fastgolfr32

    100 percent agree for the need for the traffic light there. A dedicated right turn lane in the East lanes onto the parks access road is also required. Both should have been mandatory Before the park even opened.

    Friday, Jul 22 @ 6:51 am
  • Charles

    What a great idea this is !! For all of you that live to come down here and camp at the beach, you could stay here, and then drive 10 minutes to the beach. Enjoy….

    Friday, Jul 22 @ 9:57 am
  • Yi

    Will this be built before or after obviously needed expanded Urgent Care, EMS, fire, police to handle new numbers for public health and safety?

    350 sites average family of 4 looking at about 1320 folk per day.

    Also will there be a time limit to camp or this will be a tent/RV city? (Option for worker housing perhaps?)

    Questions not opinions

    Saturday, Jul 23 @ 10:33 am
  • Power Ranger

    No need to spend money on a study. Lower speed limit (which is being done) and a traffic light. That entrance is no worse than the cluster at Get Go. That is a problem area. Too many entrances and people use turn lanes as merge lanes. Don’t understand why DOT is reluctant to change that area and put up stop lights. Been way more wrecks there than at WaterPark.

    Saturday, Jul 23 @ 10:42 am
  • Linda Mullen

    Has anybody done any research on how it will impact our beaches?
    There will be a great need of more lifeguards & the people who support them & a big financial burden.
    The people sitting on the beach will be greatly impacted & making it too crowded. Our beaches are not that wide to handle such an influx!
    Why should we have to support such an increase of people so the water park will not go bankrupt??? That doesn’t make any sense. I sure hope there will be a lot more research done before it is approved!

    Monday, Jul 25 @ 4:51 pm