Kitty Hawk ups bid to $4M for former Sentara property, seeks new police station

By on July 22, 2022

(Town of Kitty Hawk)

With the hope that a portion of the former Sentara Medical Center can be converted into a new municipal police station, the Town of Kitty Hawk on July 22 presented a $4 million cash offer to Pasquotank County for the six-acre property at 5200 N. Croatan Highway. The offer, which includes a 60-day window to close on the sale, is the second bid the town has submitted this summer.

The most recent offer, which is $1.3 million higher than its first one made by the town, comes a day after the Kitty Hawk Town Council met during a special meeting to discuss the potential acquisition. The municipality was outbid last month by a Charlotte-based housing developer that originally offered $4.5 million to Pasquotank County for the site, on which it planned to construct at least 225 market-rate multi-family housing units. That developer, DPJ Residential, has since dropped its bid to $3.5 million, citing unanticipated issues with the site.

The town’s police station is currently located in the old Post office building on Kitty Hawk Road and has been subjected to significant flooding in recent years. In a July 22 press release, Councilman David Hines said that plans for a new station were temporarily halted after the construction costs for the facility, which would be located on U.S. 158 near Bennett Street, came in at $6 million – significantly over budget.

“The Town feels that by purchasing this building and repurposing it to a Public Safety facility would be a cost savings to the taxpayers of Kitty Hawk,” he said. “In addition, Dare County, the Town of Kitty Hawk and surrounding counties in northeastern North Carolina, including Pasquotank County, that have residents visiting the local beaches and area will benefit from a high level of emergency response services.”

Earlier this month, when DPJ Residential, announced a reduction in its bid, Pasquotank County Attorney Mike Cox told the Voice that there was another unidentified prospective buyer who had displayed interest in purchasing the property for $4 million.

“The offer presented is more representative of the property’s value under the existing zoning and will hopefully help Pasquotank accelerate some of their own public safety projects,” Hines said in the release. “Both parties have similar goals, and it was apparent that both communities are trying to do the right thing for their taxpayers.”

The Town has asked that the offer be presented to the Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners at their next meeting, which is scheduled for Aug. 1.

Hines, along with Kitty Hawk Mayor Craig Garriss and Town Attorney Casey Varnell, comprise the committee that has been assigned by the town council to negotiate the sale of the property. According to the press release, Hines is a local realtor and building contractor with experience in the real estate industry.

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Pasquotank County gets $4.5M offer for Sentara Medical site in Kitty Hawk, bidder seeks major housing development





  • Bill

    A huge housing project in that area would make traffic even worse.

    Saturday, Jul 23 @ 10:00 am
  • Jay

    If the town buys the site then their development becomes a tax consuming beast.
    If the site is developed into housing or retail it becomes a tax generating beast and maybe a job generator if retail.
    Sadly if it becomes a tax generator the town will dream up more ways to spend the tax revenue.

    Sunday, Jul 24 @ 8:01 am
  • David Smith

    Sentara left because of problems with the building the current owner was unwilling/unable to fix. Not sure how much if any of the structure is usable.

    Sunday, Jul 24 @ 12:55 pm
  • Edward

    My wife worked there for almost 10 years. The building was consumed with mold. Doubt it can be reused.

    Tuesday, Jul 26 @ 12:03 pm
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