Ceres joins Corolla’s wild horse herd

By on August 4, 2022

(Corolla Wild Horse Fund)

(Corolla Wildhorse Fund)

On Aug. 3, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund announced this new arrival.

Who needs some good news tonight? We have a new foal! It’s a filly, and she’s about two days old. Welcome to the beach, Ceres!

Please remember it’s important to give foals plenty of space — especially in this heat. Stressing them out can disrupt important bonding time, and it can be physically damaging as well.

This brings the 2022 foal count to 7, with 6 surviving – Cedar, Cricket, Cyclone, Crow, Cádiz, Ceres, and Charlie who died in April from a bacterial infection.

To learn more about the Corolla Wild Horse Fund or to support them, visit www.corollawildhorses.com





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