Weekend traffic mitigation in Southern Shores

By on August 5, 2022

On Aug. 5, the Town of Southern Shores released this announcement about traffic mitigation measures it is employing this weekend.

Barricades will be placed and posted with “Local Traffic Only” signs in the same locations as they previously have been. They will be placed today, Friday August 5 and will be removed early Monday, August 8.

  • Juniper Trail
  • East Dogwood at Hickory Trail, Hillcrest Drive, Sea Oats Trail and Wax Myrtle Trail
  • Hickory Trail at Hillcrest Drive, Sea Oats Trail and Wax Myrtle Trail
  • Hillcrest Drive at Sea Oats Drive.

Southern Shores Town Hall (252) 261-2394 


  • Dana

    Thank you!

    Friday, Aug 5 @ 9:40 pm
  • Never Learn

    The Town of Southern Shores will never learn! How many times do they have to repeat the process of what never worked in the past? This is what the third year they’ve tried this? Then this year they started it again and then stopped it for awhile starting the 4th of July and now are restarting it? Let’s also not forget the cost to the taxpayers as well! A better way is to not fix the potholes on Dogwood trail, rather make them deeper so the tourists won’t want to drive the road!

    Friday, Aug 5 @ 10:52 pm
  • Bea Bell

    Kitty Hawk /Woods Road Too. !!! tourist have been using and not necessary blocks route emergency vehicles need to access

    Saturday, Aug 6 @ 7:01 am
  • Thomas

    They took them down in July because there were disturbances breaking out at the barrier sites. Now they are putting them back. The presumption must be that there will no longer be disturbances at the locations. Can anyone explain this to me? Either they mitigate cut through traffic or they don’t. If that is what we care about then who cares is some impatient tourists get irritated? And don’t tell me we need yet another expensive study to examine the traffic problem.

    Saturday, Aug 6 @ 12:34 pm
  • Andy Moynahan

    The traffic mitigation measures the town is employing this weekend are not working. The left turning cut through traffic that was somewhere else last week is now backing up and preventing southbound traffic from turning off of Chicahauk Trail. The town needs to stop wasting time with ineffective traffic control measures like barricades and speed limit reductions and address the root cause of traffic.


    Saturday, Aug 6 @ 5:15 pm
  • Roger Allen

    Other than finally building the mid county bridge the only solution to the cut through traffic in Southern Shores is to reprogram the stoplights at NC 12 andSea oats Trail, Hillcrest, and NC 12 and East Dogwood and NC 12 to not permit any left hand turns on the weekends. And placing a sign on South Dogwood that says turning north on NC 12 is prohibited. Traffic north to duck and beyond must stay on 158 or you will sit there until Monday morning at 8 AM. Violators will be prosecuted. I live on Sea oats Trail and on the weekends I am essentially unable to leave my home unless my plans are to return after 7 PM. This amounts to house arrest without representation. Time for a revolution. I am sick and tired of our town council without any imagination or determination.

    Saturday, Aug 6 @ 11:31 pm
  • Steve Hachtman

    Here on the middle of Sea Oats there is dramatic improvement when these “mitigation” barriers are in place. Without them cars are parked for hours in front of our house. With them there are occasional tourist vehicles flying by. We feel far less trapped with them in place and I was even able to venture to the store. From my location they are a big success.

    Sunday, Aug 7 @ 7:38 am
  • james

    Same here in the middle of Wax Myrtle Trial there is a dramatic improvement when these “mitigation” barriers are in place. Without them cars are parked for hours in front of our house. With them there are occasional tourist vehicles flying by. SO in summary IF the Town is listening: The “mitigation” barriers are a HUGE success on both Wax Myrtle Trail and Sea Oats!

    Sunday, Aug 7 @ 11:00 am
  • Wayna

    Whether you believe the barriers are or are not a solution, one cannot help but be impressed by the decision making process and decisiveness of our Town Council.

    Sunday, Aug 7 @ 7:19 pm
  • disgruntled

    I’m with Roger Allen on this, if only a locals can get through the barricades they can make a left onto Duck Rd. there. With no left turn where the barricades direct you to go, it wouldn’t take long for the SS. cut through traffic to figure it out and stop doing it, that issue would be solved,
    I’d say the bridge has become necessary, the water main break was a good example of the need. Perhaps a day pass ($5) on the bridge for visitors wishing to drive south of Duck/SS for the day could also help the rainy day traffic? A few miles farther on a better rd. might be a good alternative

    Monday, Aug 8 @ 6:50 am