Kitty Hawk beach nourishment update

By on September 19, 2022

Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment 9-19-22
Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment x4 - 9-19-22
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This update on progress on the Kitty Hawk project was released on Sept. 19.

Both the Magdalen and Lindholm dredges areas onsite, and Kitty Hawk’s project has been completed from the Town’s southern border to 3968 N. VA Dare Trail, in the vicinity of E. Lillian Street.

The contractor has now moved from the White Street subline to the Balchen Street subline and is pumping in a southerly direction.  The current construction site boundaries are the 4233 N. VA Dare Trail to 4143 N. VA Dare Trail.

The White Street subline is being demobilized and moved to the Town of Southern Shores. Upon installation of the subline, one dredge will move and begin pumping in the Town of Southern Shores.

Click here for a copy of the project map.

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