State Rep. Kidwell to hold Sept. 24 prayer rally

By on September 22, 2022

Update: While the Dare GOP prayer rally is still officially postponed, State Rep. Keith Kidwell will conduct a rally at the same time at the same venue – Sept. 24 at noon on the steps of the Dare County Courthouse. Here is the latest information on the Dare County GOP Facebook page.

“Although the Dare GOP rally is still postponed, Representative Keith Kidwell has heard of our dilemma and has taken up the mantle. He will be in Dare County at the Manteo Court House and will hold his own private prayer rally on the steps. He is inviting anyone and everyone who wants to pray with him to join. Same time and date.”


Sept. 24 Dare GOP Prayer Rally postponed

Event reportedly challenged on church and state grounds

9/22: The Dare County GOP prayer rally is being postponed, and below is the message that was sent to the mailing list. The rally had been scheduled to take place on the steps of the county courthouse in Manteo on Saturday at noon.

“We are sorry to announce that the Dare County GOP Prayer Rally, scheduled for Saturday, September 24, has been postponed. An individual has threatened to sue to prevent this hour of public prayer on the alleged grounds of separation of church and state.

While we do not agree with this stance, we thought it best, out of an abundance of caution, to postpone at this time to allow us to further investigate this and prepare. Please be assured that we will hold this prayer rally at a future date. Prayer is always needed, and there has never been a time when it is needed more.

Although we will not be meeting in person on Saturday, we ask that at noon you stop and lift your voice in prayer. The opposition cannot stop us from praying for our nation and our people. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and please know that we are working to set a date where we can gather together in His name.”





  • Charles

    Can’t you just go pray at someone’s house ?

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 2:43 pm
  • Czarina

    Another FAKE christian who knows nothing about the Bible. And he thinks God will not notice !

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 4:17 pm
  • tp

    Last night there was a statement from Kiddwell himself on the Dare GOP Facebook page. It appears that it has been taken down. As I recall he said he had consulted with his lawyer and the Dare County Sheriff. Now there is a champion of religious freedom, the Dare County Sheriff, lol (Laughing Out Loud)

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 5:00 pm
  • Czarina

    A FB post says Kidwell has been a member of Oath Keepers since 2012. Is that true, Kidwell? Are you proud to have that on your resume?

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 6:57 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 9:22 am
  • Eileen

    There is so much wrong with this. Of course anyone has the right to pray any way they want anywhere they want. Are Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, Hindu, Buddhist etc being invited to this? I somehow suspect not but please correct me if I am wrong. A POLITICIAN leading prayer? Give me a break. Jesus would roll over in his tomb at this icky manipulation of his message.

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 8:25 pm
  • Rig Patel

    A public prayer rally? To what god? I enjoy the diversity and inclusivity of this community and applaud the citizen who took action. We stand with you and will join you in affirming the driving force of this great country’s founding: religious freedom.

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 9:15 pm
  • Freenusa

    Eileen, your anger shows loud and clear. I have only read about this event, on the voice, then cancelled event then people say they will go regardless. There was never an invitation. You are the one suggesting anyone is not welcomed. Rethink your post. I would bet u will b at Dowdy’s park, advocating for abortion, defund the police ect. Maybe you need to pray about it.

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 10:04 pm
  • Freenusa

    Just one more thing, Eileen, it is my belief, Muslims, Jews, Hindu and Buddhist all pray. I’m not clear in what agnostics do tho🤷‍♀️ So if our hearts are the same we can all pray together. What an inclusive idea🤩

    Friday, Sep 23 @ 10:22 pm
  • charlie

    prayer should not be used as a political stunt..

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 7:42 am
  • Bobby

    A lot of HATE on this comments page. See you at the event.

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 7:59 am
  • Jay

    Eileen, am I missing something? I see NO WHERE in this news article where this event is for any particular system of faith and worship. Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, Hindu, Buddhist, etc are not excluded. I’m sure even folks who worship big government are not excluded.

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 9:04 am
  • Eileen

    I stand corrected! While I still think it’s a creepy political stunt, I am glad to see that people of all faiths are welcome to this prayer rally.

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 10:42 am
  • Bobby

    Just got back from this event. Very pleasant and building. Suggest we have many more, bring your own chair to the next one.

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 2:14 pm
  • Jay

    I’ll bet there are a lot of prayers said in the court house everyday by defendants 😎

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 5:50 pm
  • Luminous

    With no names being named, I don’t believe there ever was any real threat of a lawsuit, and in the very unlikely event that somebody had actually sued to stop this event, it would have been bounced out of court in short order.

    OF COURSE people are legally entitled to pray on courthouse steps, just as they are in public school, because the location is not key. What is key to separation of church and state is that government is not *organizing* the prayer, and they aren’t when it’s a county political party doing the organizing.

    So Bobby and friends, knock yourselves out. Pray there daily and continue to welcome everyone of all faiths. Just don’t be suckered into believing some organizers’ fake reasons to build attendance and political support. As I recall there’s a commandment against bearing false witness.

    Saturday, Sep 24 @ 6:42 pm
  • tp


    Great post. We must remember that the Bill of Rights are not about what we the people cannot do, but what the government cannot forbid us to do or mandate what we must do.

    Sunday, Sep 25 @ 12:50 pm
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