NC 12 is reopened

By on October 3, 2022

NCDOT has opened NC-12 between Basnight Bridge & Rodanthe. Travel with caution, sand/water on the roadway. More overwash could occur at next high tide around 3am.

Parts of NC12 now closed

NC12 at Canal Zone webcam (

UPDATE: NC12 is now CLOSED between Oregon Inlet and the Rodanthe Roundabout. Unfortunately, the winds and tides have caused serious overwash in several locations.

In addition, the Dare County Sheriff’s Department is now reporting that as of about 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 3:

  • There are several places of standing water in Hatteras; Fulcher Ln. is approximately 8 inches deep with both lanes covered.
  • Ocean tide is coming down feeder streets onto Hwy. 12, 4-6 inches in the tri-villages.
  •  Eagle Pass Rd. is underwater
  • Sound is coming over at Surf or Sound Dr. Frisco

Please stay home unless travel is absolutely necessary. Do not drive through areas you cannot see the center or fog lines.


NCDOT says use extreme caution on NC12

Update from NCDOT: Minor overwash today at the Canal Zone and at the Pea Island Visitor Center, and secondary roads in Rodanthe are seeing major overwash at high tide. NC12 is open, but drive with extreme caution as there is sand and water on the road, windy conditions and road crews working.


Moderate to major ocean side flooding predicted north of Hatteras

This weather update, posted on Oct. 3 comes from Dare County Emergency Management

Developing low pressure off the Mid-Atlantic is forecast to move slowly over the next 36-48 hours today and produce strong winds, large seas, dangerous shore break, rip currents and coastal flooding across eastern NC early this week. These conditions are expected to persist into Wednesday though the strongest winds are expected to diminish late tonight.

The storm surge guidance is forecasting moderate to major ocean side flooding along the Outer Banks north of Cape Hatteras today and Tuesday with minor flooding on Wednesday. This guidance is also forecasting widespread minor to locally moderate soundside flooding adjacent to the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds. The next full briefing is planned for Tuesday morning though one could be issued early this evening if there are any major changes to the forecast.

Hatteras and Currituck Ferry Service suspended

NCDOT is also reporting that due to the weather system, there is a suspension of ferry service at Hatteras and Currituck. Other schedule interruptions are possible later today on Cedar Island and Swan Quarter routes.

For more information visit NWS Newport/Morehead.





  • Tri-Village

    Please for the love of God will people waiting in line exercise some common sense. Pull over to the shoulder of the road and do not block intersections. I know it stinks for y’all but people that live here have to be able to get to and from work and back home. With the roundabout in place we can no longer drive down the other side of the road coming from Mirlo area.

    Monday, Oct 3 @ 5:44 pm
  • D

    Good thing they built the jug handle bridge to bypass the overwash.

    Monday, Oct 3 @ 5:56 pm
  • Daniel Kerlakian

    So they just built a $145 Million bridge that can’t be used. Beach nourishment in the hot spots would have been so much cheaper and more sustainable. The S Curves are about .25 miles and they built a bridge spanning over 2 miles. Does this make any sense? NPS (aka the federal government) “claims” to own the foreshore in these areas and wants the best for the public. In spite of this, They have allowed the erosion to continue over the decades to where the beach is gone and now they are doing everything in their power to get homes off the beach (for a beach that no longer exists). At what point does it stop or does NPS eventually own all of the villages? This is absurd. Full disclosure – I own one of the oceanfront homes no longer protected by dunes so I am very biased, but seeing this bridge get built and beach nourishment happening everywhere but Rodanthe is so disheartening, especially when the road is still closed. Unfortunately the public does not see what’s happening on the ground. I’ve had the county call off contractors for emergency piling work right before the May Nor’easter. I’ve had CAMA called on me numerous times trying to save my septic and 33 homes in Rodanthe were refused repair permits for septic because of pressure from NPS on CAMA and missed out on the majority of summer rental income. The new septic rules being proposed by CAMA are a direct result of the pressure from NPS. I have video of NPS officers literally inside my septic tank opening it and inserting their phones inside (yes there is poop in there). The pressure has been unbearable. NPS only started asserting their “authority” since February of last year (the same time Donna Creed stepped down as Planning Director of Dare County). They claimed they didn’t know but the beach has looked this way since 2013. They are just trying to push the can down the road a few more years and there are so many good people I’ve met at all levels (county, state and federal) but the message is clear, they will do everything they can to either let these homes fall or force us to move via condemnation (these houses were all rentable from May through September). Also, 2% of Rodanthe rental income is going to beach nourishment projects that they aren’t benefiting from. Maybe this should be revisited. Happy to share my story for anyone interested in learning more – 5135188035.

    Monday, Oct 3 @ 6:19 pm
  • Steven

    No issues in Rodanthe on this Monday evening. Maybe some rental houses have water on the street, but homes of residents are all dry.

    Monday, Oct 3 @ 6:35 pm
  • Father Time

    Time to start moving or tearing down all the houses in certain areas, take the roads out, let nature do what it is supposed to do.

    Monday, Oct 3 @ 7:49 pm