Dare County Land Transfers

By on October 13, 2022


October 4 to October 10, 2022


Bayly Duane from Heidenberger Alexander Dick/017180000—Lot 30 Sec B Cape Hatt Seashore/$130,000/Vacant Residential.



Warnkin Steven L from Gervickas Jeffrey G/019262000—Lot 88 Sec E Col Harbour/$425,000/Improved Residential.

Jimy Rivera Construction LLC from Quinn Shaun Christopher/019418000—Lot 161 Sec G Col Harbour/$75,000/Vacant Residential.

Davis Kyle W from Lanz Robert/020152000—Lot 83 Sec P Col Harbour/$400,000/Improved Residential.




Davis Douglas from Gajar Stephanie A/010215029—Lot 29 Sec 2 Bias Shores/$350,000/Vacant Residential.



Buser Courtney L from Pelletier Richard Ttees/012149000—Lot 32 Paradise Bay/$105,000/Vacant Residential.

Robinson Evan M from Rosell Paul Eric/015143000—Lot 3 Paul & Bonnie Rosell/$537,000/Improved Residential.

Southern Star Storage III from Island Storage LLC/Ps-050000—Multi Davi R Rollinson Lt 1 Metes&Bounds Lt 1&2/$2,800,000/Improved Commercial.

Stewart Eric D from Bachman Stephen/015294000—Lot 7 Shoresurf/$599,000/Improved Residential.

Seacretbeach LLC from EWN Investments Inc/014920000—2 Parc:Lots 1&2 Mullen Haskett/$425,000/Vacant Residential.




Huerter Michael from Mccoy Jason M/027201000—Metes & Bounds/$965,000/Improved Residential.

Vancura Mark from Smith Joseph R/029651000—Lot 2 Wheeler Ballance/$725,000/Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Kenny Zachary Evan from Ashley Stephen H/003886000—Lot 5 Blk 38 KH Shores/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Kenny Zachary Evan from Ashley Stephen H/002109000—Lot 149 Wright’s Shores/$255,000/Improved Residential.

Allen Terrell from Ashley Stephen H/002452000—Lot 11 Sea Holly Ridge/$327,500/Improved Residential.

Harkema Michael J from Mclain Philip Michael/001938000—Lot 513 Avalon Beach Anx/$345,000/Improved Residential.



Owens Brian J from Kuhar Kyle/002442000—Lot 17 Blk F Sea Holly Ridge/$515,000/Improved Residential.

Miller Brittany R from Parker James Lawrence II/026963000—Lot 22 Sec 3 First Flight/$445,000/Improved Residential.

Estes Frank O IV from Wright Ronald E/004715000—Lot 15 Blk E Sec 1 Kd Beach/$830,000/Improved Residential.

Shaffer Elizabeth A from Guiffre Deborah H/004302011—Unit 201 Sundune Village/$425,000/Condo.

Van Straaten Nicklas J from Shaffer Elizabeth A/004302015—Unit 103 Sundune Village/$440,000/Condo.



Kitty Hawk

Virginia Electric and Power from Wood Jonathan/011183000—Right Of Way/$0/Easement.

Mina Anthony Stocker from Sell Christopher T/010499038—Lot 38 Sec 2 Sea Scape/$499,000/Improved Residential.

Hines Beamon L Sr from Munza Albert A/017775242—Unit 2402 Sandpiper Cay/$225,000/Condo.

BTN OBX LLC from Ness James Patrick/027300000—Lot 226 Sec C Kitty Hawk Beach/$680,000/Improved Commercial.

Art of Living Daphne LLC from Jenkins Christy R/018419000—Metes & Bounds/$555,000/Improved Residential.



Waddill John W Jr from Chovan Steven L Anc Administrator/025694395—Lot 38 Ballast Point Ph 1/$1,000,000/Improved Residential.



Manteo (Outside)

Bennewitz Uli from Zinszer Eric C/030921000—Lot 29 Heritage Point Phase 1/$849,750/Improved Residential.

Hill Judith from Windstein Donna M/016173000—Lot 31 Beckonridge Estates/$329,000/Improved Residential.

Hamer James P II Ttee from White Stanford M/025226022—Lot 10 Carolina Woods/$72,500/Vacant Residential.

Canizales Carlos I from Evans Charles D Executor/016371000—Lot 38 Sec 3 Creefs Ridge/$485,000/Improved Residential.


Martins Point

Chancy Thomas E Ttee from Pokelwaldt Gloria A/029301004—Martins Point Bk 1 Sec 2 Lt 4/$1,050,000/Improved Residential.


Nags Head

Atlee Richard Y Jr from The Atlee Group LLC/024961565—Waters Edge Lt 8 50%/$382,650/Deed Of Distribution.

Butler Bobby D Jr from Frederick Larry E/007948000—Lot 6 Blk B Nags Head/$595,000/Improved Residential.

Inn At Whalebone LLC from White Stanford M/006891000—Metes & Bounds/$1,450,000/Vacant Residential.




Carl Worsley & Associates from Smith Mark E Ttee/012644000—Lot 27 Rowan Beach Est/$2,000/Vacant Residential.

Harrison Bruce E from Duggan Tina Ttee/012458314—Lot 14 Sec 3 Mirlo Beach/$249,000/Vacant Residential.


Southern Shores

Julian Lloyd V Jr from Endless Summer OBX 1 LLC/022066000—Lot 3R Blk 28 Sec 3 So Sh Amended Plat/$1,780,000/Vacant Residential.

Kellison Keith Q from Taddeo Peter M/021638000—Lot A Blk 35 Sec 3 So Sh Amended/$2,025,000/Improved Residential.

Rice Jennifer E Matthews Ttee from Mausteller Michael B/020928000—Lot 4 Blk 72 S Shores Beach/$894,000/Improved Residential.

Turner Marina from Bolin Henry Francis III/022061000—Lot 2 Blk 150 S Shores/$485,000/Improved Residential.

Deas Rita from Fulcher O C/026790000—Lot 329 Chicahauk/$650,000/Improved Residential.



Berry Reynold T from Simpson Robert E II/014324207—Int-Lot 7 Ph 2 St Waves/$38,375/Improved Residential.

Leverton Justin W from Lininger Robert B/014324207—Int-Lot 7 Ph 2 St Waves/$102,330/Improved Residential.


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