OBX Hospital and Medical Group provides update on primary care providers

By on October 29, 2022

(Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group)

October 28, 2022: As we’ve shared over the past five months, The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group continues to dedicate considerable resources toward increasing access to care for our community. Our focus remains on “can do” which is why we have great news about access to primary care throughout Dare County.

Five new providers will be joining our team over the next few months. While it will take time for each new provider to fully develop their patient panels, this will enable us to open access for new adult patients from anywhere in Dare County.

For those interested, please call our Primary Care Access Line at 252-449-4540 and leave a message that you would like to establish care with one of our providers. We will return your call within three days to confirm that we received your message and that your name has been added to the waitlist. We are diligently working through the waitlist and appreciate your patience over the next few months as we schedule appointments.

Below is a list of our primary care providers by geographical location. The list includes current and new providers.

Roanoke Island
  • Dr. Cara Sumners
  • Dr. David Worthen
  • Dr. Erin Baker

With the arrival of Dr. Erin Baker, Outer Banks Family Medicine- Manteo is now staffed with three physicians. These providers will be able to restore the care that was disrupted earlier this year, and all former Manteo patients who do not have a PCP yet and want to re-establish care at this location will be able to do so.

Hatteras Island
  • Dr. Bentley Crabtree
  • Dr. Jamie Fountain
  • Dr. Al Hodges

Access on Hatteras has not changed and remains stable.


Nags Head – West (co-located with Urgent Care in the Outer Banks Mall complex)
  • Dr. John Sanchez
  • Brooke Clarke, NP
  • Marina Turner, DNP (starts November)

The addition of Marina Turner opens up access for new adult patients from anywhere in Dare County.


Nags Head – East (opens early November and is located across the highway from the Outer Banks Mall complex)
  • Dr. Mark Worthen
  • Rachel Stanford, PA (starts December)
  • Edie Mullally, DNP (starts January)
  • Thomas Ferguson, PA (starts January)

The addition of these providers opens up access for new adult patients from anywhere in Dare County.


Nags Head – Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Art Metcalf

No new access at this location.


Kitty Hawk
  • Dr. Jeff Ray
  • Sarah Summerton, NP
  • Jeanne Moore, PA
  • Lori Lancsek, NP (starts January)
  • Alyssa Smith, PA (starts January)

The new providers at this location will assume responsibility for Dr. Terryberry’s panel. This panel is currently being handled by a temporary provider. Access for new patients will be assessed once all new providers are in place.



  • Huh?

    Dare Count residents…
    So what about residents of Corolla who lost providers?

    Saturday, Oct 29 @ 1:22 pm
  • Bobby

    So Ronnie Sloan lied about a M.D. coming to Kitty Hawk to replace Dr. Terryberry. We have a P.A. replacing another P.A. In three years the patients there ,mostly from Souther Shores, Duck, and Kitty Hawk have had five different primary care providers and end up with a P.A. Most of these patients are retired seniors that are now starting to require more care. What a disservice the Outer Banks Hospital group is giving the full time residents of the Outer Banks.

    Saturday, Oct 29 @ 5:09 pm
  • Carlisle Ward

    You will be dead waiting for mess ,dare county needs to bring in a different medical group you go to urgent care but sure dont get any callback about your bloodwork I guess you have pay vident and then go to another dr.what a joke .

    Saturday, Oct 29 @ 7:54 pm
  • Pat

    Recently a dear 96 year old friend was 10 minutes late, my fault, for a urology appointment in Nags Head. When her daughter rolls her in the reception area, they were told the appointment was cancelled and she would be rescheduled in January. Couldn’t have worked her in within an hour or something? I’m sorry, but where is the care in this? It’s not that we don’t get good caregivers, it the medical system that won’t allow good care. When was the last time you went to an appointment and is seen within 20 minutes. Sheesh!!

    Sunday, Oct 30 @ 6:24 am
  • Charles

    Hatteras remains stable ? What ? Everyone here goes to Virginia.

    Monday, Oct 31 @ 9:50 am