Dare County Land Transfers

By on November 17, 2022


November 8 to November 15, 2022


Patrick Brandy from Palsha Marilyn Dennis/013856000—Lot 231 Sec 4 Hatt Colony/$467,500/Improved Residential.

Riggs Donald O from Jones Kenneth Edmond/013817000—Lot 188 Sec 4 Hatt Colony/$625,000/Improved Residential.

Dobson Cameron Lane from Wulker Laurence J/014690001—Metes & Bounds/$937,000/Improved Residential.

Koski Peter Alan from Bertram Family NC LLC/027817003—Lot 3 Kinnakeet Shores/$485,000/Improved Residential.




Diantonio Michael from Lea James W/026569215—Lot 15 Flowers Ridge Sec 2/$158,000/Vacant Residential.

Brown Kevin J from Norville Denise L/029975004—Lot 4 Ann B Jennette/$200,000/Improved Residential.



Mauro James Michael Jr from Stone Merritt Daniel/020087000—Lot 2 Sec P Col Harbour/$515,000/Improved Residential.

Amador Melvin Joaquin R from Haddon Homes Inc/018782041—Lot 32 Sunrise Crossing/$126,250/Vacant Residential.

I Do OBX Weddings LLC from Henriques John Michael VII Ttee/020905002—2 Parc: Tracts 1&2 Elizabeth Corp/$1,250,000/Improved Residential.

Mondy Jacob Allen from Shoup Ray K/019064000—Lot 27 Sec C Col Harbour/$360,000/Improved Residential.



Levesque Inc from Hutcheson Michael E/010067049—Lot 49 Four Seasons in Duck/$1,899,000/Improved Residential.

Gorveatt Antoinette from Staples Mill Retail Center LLC/009348000—Lot 26 Sound-Sea Vill 2Nd Plat/$732,500/Improved Residential.

Lentini Christopher E from Wilt Michael Wayne/009669000—Lot 13A Sandhills/$2,275,000/Improved Residential.




Tuttle Colby P from Wahab William R/027772000—2 Parc:Metes & Bounds/$230,000/Improved Residential.

Parnell Properties LLC from Harrelson Beverly Randolph/011819000—Lot 243 Brigands Bay/$142,500/Vacant Residential.



Gibson William Curtis III from Abrams Douglas B/017354001—Lot 1 David Ballance/$154,500/Vacant Residential.

Medek Adam S from Gerolamo Michael F/027778001—Lot 1 Hatteras Harbor/$110,000/Vacant Residential.

Hosfelt Roger L from O’Brien Stephen Michael/000507112—Unit 125 Villas of Hatt Landing/$185,000/Condo.

Sawyer Richard L from Whitehurst Alta M/015443000—Metes & Bounds/$12,500/Vacant Residential.



Kill Devil Hills

Collins Gary E from Witter Jessica Gusler/002427000—Lot 18 Blk E Sea Holly Ridge/$290,000/Improved Residential.

Hammond Dean R from Kidwell Andrew L III/000187082—Lot 82 Orville Beach W/$610,000/Improved Residential.

P&P Dare Trail LLC from Lane Jennifer A/002450000—Lot 9 Blk G Sea Holly Ridge/$440,000/Improved Residential.

Strachan Catherine B from Deputy Thomas M/015549000—Unit 13 Blk 3 Seawalk Condo/$390,000/Condo.



Hankins Dina from OBX Cottages LLC/000733003—Lot 13R Blk 78 Va Dare Shrs/$678,900/Improved Residential.

Yowell Nathan from Hevelone James Lee/027656014—Lot 14 Blk G Sec 1 Kd Beach Extn/560,000/Improved Residential.

Francis Shane D from Brown Margaret Hunt/004890308—Lot 8 Blk H Whispering Pines/$170,000/Vacant Residential.

Reichley David Matthew from Morris Chad Ryan/004840000—Lot 6 Blk 14 Kill Devil Beach Extended/$545,000/Improved Residential.



Kitty Hawk

Mann Marquerite Lisette from Stoltz William A/027519001—Lot 1 Sec 5 Kh Landing/$600,000/Improved Residential.

St Leger Jonathan from Messick Leslie/018307000—Lot 67 Hurdle Perry Johnson & White/$525,000/Vacant Residential.

CCPS Holdings LLC from Landenburg Nils/026489000—Lot 44 Blk 31 Sec A Kh Beach/$850,000/Improved Commercial.


Manns Harbor

Nicholas David William from Eason Carl Ttee/017521002—Lot 2A Croatan Orchard Rev/$540,000/Improved Residential.




Dotcom Group LLC from Hardesty Samuel A III/025694114—Unit 304 Sextant Village/$520,000/Condo.

Fanney Robert Marston from Ragaller Matthew J/024526044—Lot 43 Roanoke Village/$330,000/Improved Residential.


Manteo (Outside)

Quiroz Juan Andres Z from Stetson Charles Wesley/024423044—Lot 42 Croatan Woods/$139,900/Vacant Residential.



Nags Head

Gray Jerry Patrick from Vanfossen Amy M P/007468000—Lot 36 Goose Wing/$1,200,000/Improved Residential.

Henninger Sharon N from Taylor Deborah J/005928000—Lot 19 Nags Head Acres Section 2/$740,000/Improved Residential.



Saboe Brian from Williams David L/012500000—Lot 10 East Point Reef/$415,000/Improved Residential.




Mostrag Mariusz Tomasz from Phillips Todd W/012957000—Lot 52 Sec D Hatt Colony/$349,620/Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Pridgeon Troy C from Esposito Margaret M/022383038—Lot 38 Chicahauk/$502,500/Improved Residential.

Matthias Natalie from Parsons Barry L/022842000—Lot 2 Lynette B Lenard Recomb/$1,057,000/Improved Residential.



Stumpy Point

Hatzigeorgious Logan from Lubosch Kenneth W/024181000—Metes & Bounds/$389,000/Improved Residential.



Ballinger Walker R from Middleton Sherilyn E/011622022—Lot 2-2 Sea Isle Hills/$575,000/Improved Residential.

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