KDH Police seeks public’s help in locating suspects in road rage incident

By on November 21, 2022

Suspect Jesse Andrew Mesaros and security cam footage of the assault.

On Nov. 21, the Kill Devil Hills Police issued this release on a road rage assault on a driver by two individuals who have not yet been apprehended.

The Kill Devil Hills Police are seeking the public’s help to locate Jesse Andrew Mesaros, 22, who is wanted for Assault Inflicting Serious Injury in connection with a road rage incident that occurred on Nov. 13 around 8:15 p.m.

The victim of the attack, a 37-year-old male reported that a black Dodge pickup ran him off the road in the area of US 158 and Martin Street. The driver of the Dodge followed him when the victim stopped a short time later in the Dare Centre parking lot. As the victim exited his vehicle, he was assaulted by two males who were riding in the pickup. In the course of the investigation that followed, one of the assailants was identified as Mr. Mesaros. Mr. Mesaros’s last known address was in Nags Head, but he was possibly living in Kill Devil Hills recently. His present whereabouts are unknown, and the Department requests the public’s assistance to locate him.police

Mr. Mesaros is a white male, 22 years old, blue eyes, long brown hair, approximately 6’ and 160 lbs. Photo of him is attached. Anyone who may have witnessed the assault is encouraged to contact KDH PD and speak with Detective M. Sudduth. The Department is also trying to identify the 2nd male individual involved in the assault and requests anyone with information to call.

The main line for the police department is (252) 449-5337. Information can also be left anonymously through the Town of KDH website (www.kdhnc.com/942/Police-Department) or the Dare Community Crime Line at darecommunitycrimeline.org




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  • Jimmy

    What a worthless waste of skin

    I know if I see him, I’ll detain him until the ambulance and police get there…….

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 6:57 pm
  • Glenn

    Wishing the victim a speedy recovery; wishing the weight of an aggressive prosecution on those responsible for this cowardly attack.

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 7:23 pm
  • Frank Moore

    PUNK that describes Jesse, grow up child

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 8:30 pm
  • Just a mom

    What is wrong with people. Find him and his awful “friend “… and then… don’t let them go… they have given up their rights by their horrific actions. I am thinking of a fair punishment but doubt it appropriate to share. Hope they are located and charged in short fashion!

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 8:35 pm
  • Nosey OBXer

    Why people? Why do you get crazy behind a wheel of a vehicle?
    Please get therapy if your rage behind the wheel.
    It’s thanksgiving week.
    Chill out

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 10:05 pm
  • J

    This is the 2nd time time I’ve heard of this kid jumping someone . I wonder how many times he’s gotten away it I’m honest here I’m guessing 5 times ?

    Monday, Nov 21 @ 10:40 pm
  • Greg

    My wife and I have both experienced some reckless driving by a black Dodge pickup on 158. That truck would tailgate and cut in front of you in a very aggressive manner even if you were traveling at 55 mph. This individual we experienced needs to have his drivers license taken away forever whomever it is. The assaulter in this story needs to receive the full weight of the law.

    Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 9:08 am
  • Mike Raphone

    Had this been me, these two guys’ evening would have ended much different.

    Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 3:21 pm
  • Sarah

    I typically am very supportive of our deputies and officers here in Dare Co, but I had an experience several months ago that has made me question that support. A black pickup and another truck were racing behind me and came up behind me on the Pirates Cove bridge. One passed me to the left – into oncoming traffic just before the peak of the bridge – and the other swerved around the right side and aggressively cut me off. I slowed down to distance myself from them, and the black truck proceeded to slow down and attempt, multiple times, to run me into the canal along the road. My son was able to get the license plate so I called Dare Central while this was occurring. Told them I wanted to press charges and gave them the tag #. Apparently the driver was either an off duty cop or one of their friends because there has been zero follow up. This driver was literally trying to kill my son and me, the sheriff’s dept has their tag number and absolutely nothing was done about it. Still makes me sick to think about. At least they are attempting to pursue this incident.

    Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 7:31 pm
  • Sarah

    “This Still makes me sick to think about. At least they are attempting to pursue this incident”

    Sarah, no offense but welcome to NC. Dare County SO forgot about your call the minute you hung up the phone. Remember, more Government is not the solution if we can’t enforce existing laws…

    Tuesday, Nov 22 @ 11:28 pm
  • C A

    We can’t have this type of thing going on repeatedly on our roadways here. It’s just got to stop regardless of who he is, or who’s kid he might be, or who he knows.

    It’s just inexcusable very dangerous behavior that must be stopped immediately. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

    I’m hopeful our law enforcement folks find him soon, and remove him from our roads.

    Wednesday, Nov 23 @ 1:40 pm
  • Sarah

    @whoeverjustreusedmyname (Sarah)

    I’m born and raised here, as is my son, with generations of both sides of my family extremely involved in this community. I don’t need a welcome, but thank you. I also never said anything about “more government” being a solution. In my experience, outside of the road rage incident I reported, I have received a call back from either a deputy or detective when I have called Dare Central for any issue. It has just been disappointing to experience the “good ‘ol boy” system prioritizing an apparent friendship over the safety and well-being of me and my son. And Rodney definitely wouldn’t have ignored my desire to press charges.

    Wednesday, Nov 23 @ 11:50 pm