Southern Shores Police charge local juveniles with multiple offenses

By on February 6, 2023

The Southern Shores Police Department reported on Feb. 6 that three local juvenile suspects have been “apprehended in connection with multiple motor vehicles breaking & entering and larcenies of cash and other personal property” from those vehicles.

Other charges against the suspects include breaking and entering of a vacant house, including damage to the house and property taken from the house. The police release states that the suspects also damaged and spray-painted town property and civic association property.

The investigation of the crimes, all of which occurred in Southern Shores over the past several weeks, is ongoing and the release states that more charges and more suspects are possible as the investigation proceeds. The ages of the suspects were not included in the information.




  • Martha Fletcher

    Good work SSP!
    One of the vandalized homes is next door to us, along with some graffiti on road signs too. I’m glad they caught them and they will be prosecuted.

    Monday, Feb 6 @ 8:31 pm
  • WBN

    Good job SSPD.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 6:51 am
  • james

    The Southern Shores Police are top notch and we are very lucky to have them keeping the town safe and secure. As a child I was taught to respect a Police officer and when they give you an order to get out of your car and put your hands behind your hand you respectfully100% comply without a seconds delay. If you have a problem with the officer, take it up with the Judge based on your facts, but it is never the time or place to question an officers orders during a time when the officer may very well be fearing for his own life and or safety.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 8:49 am
  • Miss No One

    I already know who this kids are. I was just at the Walmart in Southern on Saturday and saw them acting up. They were climbing the paper product shelves, hiding in them, and abusing and stealing products. One of them even dropped his pants, exposing his boxers as a joke to one of friends that I unfortunately witnessed. They were disrupting the entire store. All of them were dressed in black, had backpacks and clearly young enough to still be in high school, but old enough to know better. If I wasn’t in such a rush, I would have called about them, but I figured karma would catch them on their next adventure, which was apparently waiting just around the corner. I hope they realize how dumb this all was and can grow up to be better people. I’m sure they weren’t raised that way. Good luck to them and especially their parents dealing with the legal ramifications on this one.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 9:11 am
  • Just Beachy

    That’s a great story james. You should tell it more often

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 10:50 am
  • Deirdre

    I Would like to say that I would have done something to stop them, but I am afraid that they would have hurt me.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 1:12 pm
  • Thomas

    Scanty information! I would like to know where the vandalism took place in So. Shores and who these delinquents are. If we are going to protect ourselves from this kind of thing we need to know who is doing the theft.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 1:13 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Maybe you’ll have some luck if you ask the SS Police.

    Tuesday, Feb 7 @ 4:02 pm
  • M

    The info on the break-ins has been on social media and in the news. They are underage, so the police cannot give out their info. I am sure it will get out and hopefully the parents will be held responsible for the theft and damages.

    Wednesday, Feb 8 @ 8:52 am
  • mom

    where are the parents?

    hopefully these youth will have to do a lot of community service.

    Wednesday, Feb 8 @ 6:33 pm
  • Bob in SS

    Thank you SSPD! 🙂
    We need you! We appreciate you!

    Wednesday, Feb 8 @ 6:55 pm