Faith, Family, Football Motivate Gabriel during Super Bowl Week

By on March 6, 2023

Tony Dungy stops by the Roman Gabriel Show on Media Row in Phoenix Super Bowl 57.

Roman Gabriel Show

Phoenix Arizona  – Whether chasing down NFL players during Super Bowl LVII week for a quote, talking to a football field full of student athletes or posting pictures of his latest adventures on Facebook, it is evident that Roman Gabriel III is passionate about three things: Faith, Family and football.

Gabriel is a radio/ TV host, student health and wellness educator, motivational speaker, and son of NFL quarterback Roman Gabriel Jr., who played for the Los Angeles Rams (1962-72) and Philadelphia Eagles (1973-1977). During Super Bowl week, the younger Gabriel has been right at home for the last 25 years talking to athletes, coaches and various media celebrities about their faith and values during Super Bowl week each year.

Gabriel, and other national media professionals put microphones in front of many NFL players and sports personalities on Super Bowl media day, and throughout the week leading up to the game. “This platform gives NFL players a worldwide opportunity to speak about their passion for faith, family, and football.,” said Gabriel.

Super Bowl media day is an annual event that Gabriel lovingly refers to as a “circus” – with NFL players, coaches and reporters converging in one location to talk about the big game. Media day and the rest of the week’s interviews provide much of Gabriel’s unique sports content for the year.

Once the final snap is taken during the Super Bowl and Gabriel’s post-game interviews are complete, he heads back to his home in Southern Shores, North Carolina to begin sifting through countless hours of footage and audio for various media outlets.

Gabriel’s Sports Talk Radio Program, The Roman Gabriel Show is heard simulcast on several streaming TV, radio, and podcast outlets including American Family Radio, and right here at 10:00 am every Saturday and Sunday mornings on 98.1 FM The Score.

Gabriel also has spoken to thousands of middle and high school students here and across the country, challenging them to live alcohol- and drug-free through the Sold Out Youth Foundation

Before he was interviewing athletes and speaking in schools, Gabriel played quarterback for the University of New Mexico. He also had a brief stint in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and in the USFL (United States Football League). A neck injury ended his football career.

“When people ask me [if I] miss football, I [say] no,” Gabriel said. “The last time I played football was 1983, but … I love what the platform has afforded me to encourage, influence, and mentor kids.”

Roman holds a Super Bowl Week Football Camp at Legacy Cares Bell Bank Park.

Gabriel is just one of many media professionals who see the NFL and athletics as an effective tool to tell the personal stories of high platform NFL players and coaches.

Former NFL great Mike Barber of Mike Barber Prison Ministries gathers media alongside Gabriel during Super Bowl week for his prison ministry and website Pro-claim.TV.

“It’s the biggest platform in America,” Barber said. “It reaches more homes. It gets the attention of the youth like no other event … when … one in six of our youth today will be locked up. What a great opportunity … for a true genuine word to be heard loud and clear.” Barber has been involved in prison ministry for 25 years, after playing tight end with the Houston Oilers, Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos (1976-1985).

Gabriel recalled “the earlier years” with “guys that spoke out about their faith long before it was popular” – including Reggie White, Kurt Warner, Roger Staubach and Bart Starr. Each year Starr’s AIA Super bowl Breakfast attended by over 3000 people honors a player who has shown character and leadership on and off the field. The recipient of this year’s Bart Starr Award is Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kurt Cousins during the AIA Super Bowl Breakfast.

The message of these and other players reaches people who otherwise wouldn’t have anything to do with the Christian faith, Gabriel said. “A great deal of Americans are never going to walk in a church,” he said. “In this country that’s what’s a big part of messaging, people look up to athletes and coaches. So my deal is … if we’ve gotta put people out there, let’s put the right role models in front of our kids – the ones that truly live a life that includes Faith, Family, and Sports.”

The Roman Gabriel Show Team covers Super Bowl MVP QB Patrick Mahomes.


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