Two couples are new owners of Brewing Station

By on March 10, 2023

From left to right: Keith and Heather Acree, Dee and Steve Cordea, Aubrey and Karen Davis and Tina Mackenzie and Eric Reece. (Credit: Celeste Osorio)

Will retain staff, keep business going as is

According to outgoing Outer Banks Brewing Station co-owner Eric Reece, the sale of the iconic restaurant and entertainment venue was really clinched when the new owners agreed to retain all the existing employees and keep operating the business as it had been run.

“That’s what solidified it with these guys,” Reece noted. The new owners are two couples, and the wives have known each other since childhood. They are Keith and Heather Acree from Goldsboro, NC, and Steve and Dee Cordea from Warsaw, VA.

In an interview with the Voice, Reece said the new owners are already operating the Brewing Station. He added that the two parties had been working on the sale for about six months.

As for the size of the staff, Reece explained that the Brewing Station in off-season periods retains a core staff of about 30 people, although that number explodes to about 90 employees in the summer.

Asked about his future, Reece indicated that he might take some time to assess things, adding, with a chuckle, that “I’m not worried about getting a job here.”

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