Mako Mike’s demolition scheduled this week  

By on March 26, 2023

New EMS Station and KDH Fire Station to be built

(Photo credit: Mark Jurkowitz)

Update: This is what Mako Mike’s looked like at about 9:30 in the morning of March 27.


One of Dare County’s best-known restaurants is slated for demolition this week, with work to remove Mako Mile’s Beach Grille in Kill Devil Hills beginning on Monday, March 27. The site is being cleared to pave the way for the new Dare County EMS Station 1 and a Kill Devil Hills Fire Department facility.

Two years ago, owner, Mike Kelly, sold Mako Mike’s to Dare County for a reported price of $1.95 million. Kelly bought the business in 1994 with the late Frank Gajar. Mako Mike’s was the third restaurant Kelly has sold in recent years. In 2017, he sold his signature Outer Banks Restaurant & Tavern in Nags Head to German grocer Lidl and in 2019, the Dare County Tourism Board purchased Pamlico Jack’s, also in Nags Head.

According to the Dare County website, a new 31,000 square foot fire station will be constructed on the site and construction of the new EMS station is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024.

“Once completed, the new EMS Station 1 in Kill Devil Hills will be the largest EMS facility in the county and enable Dare County EMS to further improve its response times and provide residents and visitors with an even higher level of response to the influx of emergency calls that are received by the department on a daily basis,” the site states.



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  • Czarina

    Change is sad. Mike Kelly has had a great career with his restaurants!

    Sunday, Mar 26 @ 6:46 pm
  • West 3rd girl

    The a reason they had to build a new facility is because there’s too many freaking people down here. I miss the days of growing up down here and we had our own time with the beach without vacationers being here. Let’s be honest about the situation it’s not us that they’re building a new facility for it’s because the tourism is outrageous.

    Monday, Mar 27 @ 7:20 am
  • John Lappe

    I think west third girl needs to get over herself. The tourists are why there are jobs on the Outer Banks. I’ve been going there since 1960 as a tourist. I will admit it’s almost too crowded anymore with all the huge McMansions, but I guess that’s progress.

    Monday, Mar 27 @ 6:57 pm
  • Mike Raphone

    Sorry, John. I think West 3rd Girl is right on the money. It was great here until about the late 80’s.

    Tuesday, Mar 28 @ 5:22 pm