Dare County Land Transfers

By on April 6, 2023


March 28 to April 3, 2023


Shuker Becky Ann from Patrikios Robert A/013838000—Lot 210 Sec 4 Hatteras Colony$613,000/Improved Residential.

Whitley Alan Edward from Thompson Debra D/014822176—Lot 1808 Kinnakeet Shores/$66,600/Vacant Residential.

Brandt Stephen E from Hinson Charles Douglas/013733000—Lot 36 Sec 4 Hatt Colony/$535,000/Improved Residential.

Lewetag Nicole L from Hart Hunter Cole/027817043—Lot 43, Ph 1, Kinnakeet Shores/$565,000/Improved Residential.




Round House at Cape Creek LLC from Conner John F Jr Ttee/017009121—2 Parc:Metes & Bounds/$30,000/Vacant Residential.



Hill Nolton Raymond IV from Hill Nolton R III/019176000—Lt 1 Sec E Colington Hrbr/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Benson Heather from Nazare Elaine S/020053000—Lot 73 Sec O Col Harbour/$299,900/Improved Residential.




Hennigan Charles R from Hadsell Daniel R/009821038—Lot 38 Duck Landing/$1,550,000/Improved Residential.

Sydnor Hydro Inc from Buffington Michael A/010219001—Lot 1 Oceancrest/$1,450,000/Improved Residential.

Adams John A from Guistwite Darryl K/029364000—Lot 218 Sanderling Phase 6/$1,625,000/Improved Residential.



Charrette Kayla A from McClure D Craig/015329000—Metes & Bounds/$200,000/Improved Residential.

Cary John F II from Andrews Donald W Jr Ttee/012038000—Lot 4 Sec A Buccanner Cove/$55,000/Vacant Residential.



Kill Devil Hills

Beauchan Brandon Mario from Larkin Richard J Jr/004806001—Lt 3 Blk 9 Kill Devil Beach Ext/$499,500/Improved Residential.

DJK OBX Holdings LLC from Haddon Homes/001335751—Lot 751 Avalon Beach Anx/$585,000/Improved Residential.

Storojuc Alexandr from Daniel Phyllis L/005124000—Lot 13 Blk B Sec 1 Whispering Pines/$380,000/Improved Residential.

Miller Kerri Lynn from C & T Contracting/004789000—Lot 11 Blk 4 Sec 3 Kd Beach Extnd/$464,800/Improved Residential.

Bunch Julie from Bundy Catherine P/000862000—Lot 1118 Avalon Beach Anx/$172,000/Improved Residential.

Broder Brendon James from Harrington John L/003793000—Lot 9 Blk 32 Sec 1 KH Shores Rev/$475,000/Improved Residential.



Kitty Hawk

North Banks Land Company LLC from Graham Donetta B/017775201—Unit 201 Sandpiper Cay/$287,000/Condo.

Burgess Chris from Duffey Edward R/018117003—Lot 5 Blk F Corr-Ted Wood KH Terr/$460,000/Improved Residential.

DVM Realty OBX LLC from Macaulay James Douglas/017775226—Unit 2206 Sandpiper Cay/$335,000/Condo.

Larouche Sean S from Pilot Michael J/029773000—Lt 23 Sec 2 KH Lndg/$680,000/Improved Residential.

Mason Zachary Taylor from Lore Howard A/018004025—Unit 248 Ocean Winds Condos/$275,000/Condo.



Manns Harbor

Allen Aldrew from Bryant Brock C/017715000—Lot 1 Jay Burrus and Wanda Daniels/$341,700/Improved Residential.



Clissold Tod B from Enoch Harry M/025734000—Outparcel B Cypress Cove/$332,000/Vacant Commercial.

Trade Family LLC from NLP GSP LLC/025547000—Plat Cabinet D Slide 354/$1,388,690/Special Warranty.


Manteo (Outside)

Navarro Herman R from Bridgers Jennifer L/025468028—Lot 28 Jones Heights/$135,000/Improved Residential.

Riggs Raynal Alan from Michelini Seth D/024234016—Lot 16 Evansville/$410,000/Improved Residential.

Schroeder Robert W from Clark Melissa A/005074001—Lot 1 Katie B Shannon/$375,000/Improved Residential.



Nags Head

Weaber Silver & Associates LLC from Klima William M/007339000—Lot 2 Nansemond Colony/$679,000/Improved Residential.

Meitl Michael John from Dunnill Brett C/005568000—Lot Prt 6 Blk 2 Sec 4 NH Shores/$820,000/Improved Residential.

Hughes Jason C from Aloha Properties VA LLC/006678007—Lot 7 Blk A NH Shores Amnd/$1,375,000/Improved Residential.

Pankey Aaron Jermaine Ttee from Bickett Daniel T/030418000—Lot 37 Sec II Southridge/$654,900/Improved Residential.



Cutler Kris S from Musselman John J Ttee/012458326—Lot 26 Sec 3 Mirlo Beach/$199,500/Vacant Residential.

David Ventures LLC from Riddick Dawn C Indiv & Executor/026755000—Lots 10&11 Sec 1 Chicamacomico Beach/$240,000/Improved Residential.



Southern Shores

Atkinson Kevin M from Elmore Troy A/005064309—Lot 309 Chicahauk/$624,900/Improved Residential.

Wenger Colleen Patricia from Abitabilo Vincenza N Ttee/022523067—Lot 67 Blk 61A S Shores/$325,000/Vacant Residential.

Carr Donna Gail Ttee from McCullough Edward L Jr/022795000—Lot 16 Blk 171 S Shores Soundside/$580,000/Improved Residential.

Smith Kevin from Taylor William L/022519081—Lot 25 Blk 129 Sec B S Shores/$674,900/Improved Residential.

Kellogg David H from Andreotta William M/021198000—Lot 1, Blk 54, Sea Crest Village/$6,050,000/Improved Residential.




Huth Matthew Thompson from Old Wharf Estates LLC/023341014—Lot 14 Old Wharf Estates/$75,000/Vacant Residential.

L and L Roanoke Island LLC from Cahoon Loubet Wayne/016582000—Lot 3 Whistling Pines/$325,500/Improved Residential.



Maddrey Lisa Dawn from Edwards Diane A/030951000—Metes & Bounds/$95,000/Vacant Residential.


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