Groundbreaking for Kill Devil Hills Wawa on May 12

By on April 22, 2023

The convenience store company Wawa has announced there will be groundbreaking ceremony for its new Kill Devil Hills store on Friday, May 12 at 10 a.m.  The ceremony, according to Wawa, will include local officials, charity partners and VIP customers.

Thus far, there has no construction timetable announced.

In May 2022, the Kill Devil Hill Commissioners approved a site plan for the store at 1900 N. Croatan Highway, located on the west side of the highway just south of BB&T and across from the new Target—which will be the first home for a Wawa store in North Carolina.

The site will include a 6,000-square-foot convenience store, eight gas pumps and 52 parking spaces. The plan was developed by Arista Development on behalf of Wawa, which reportedly has its eye on several other locations in North Carolina as well.

Wawa operates more than 850 convenience stores (with 600 of them offering gasoline) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington, D.C. The chain is known for its built-to-order food, freshly brewed coffee, hot breakfast sandwiches and other Wawa brand items.

According to the company’s website, the first Wawa store opened on April 16,1964 in Folsom, PA.  The Wawa name comes from a Native American word for the Canada Goose that was found in the Delaware Valley more than 100 years ago..



  • Frank

    I didn’t know there was a new Walmart in Kill Devil Hills.

    Saturday, Apr 22 @ 4:32 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Sorry Frank, I mixed up our big stores. We have fixed.

    Saturday, Apr 22 @ 5:38 pm
  • Glenn

    Welcome to the OBX…wish the incoming Wawa team much success. Let’s please not forget to support the local, independent, small coffee shops & other small business owners who have been with us for so many years.

    Saturday, Apr 22 @ 4:42 pm
  • Bill

    Three gas stations in a row. We already have French Fry alley. Now we’ll have Gasoline Alley.

    Saturday, Apr 22 @ 5:25 pm
  • Dan

    I don’t think it moves the needle much in the Outer Banks. They have fairly generic offerings and it won’t be a place that people will go out of their way to patronize since it is very bland and corporate. Royal Farms is headed this way with a new store in Grandy set to open any day now. They have great coffee and amazing fried chicken – that will be the place to look for when they hit the OBX.

    Saturday, Apr 22 @ 8:08 pm
  • longboard

    Kill Devil Hills allows any tax based business. It is at the expense of historic structures and land destruction. No one asked residents if we wanted another gas station/convenience store. It appears our commissioners have no reverence or roots to this area. Everything is on the chopping block…

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 7:17 am
  • Jay

    Dan I think Wawa might have a dedicated fan base. The one just north of the toll road in Chesapeake is rocking when I pull in for gasoline. Even with every fast-food establishment you would want available within 1/2 mile Wawa has people waiting for their Wawa fast-food order.

    My hope has always been if we had more gasoline stations here on OBX prices would at least be inline with stations across the Wright Memorial Bridge in Currituck. That has not happened. I have never bought the argument it costs 30 cents per gallon more to cross the WMB.

    (Mark J keep up the good work)

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 8:12 am
  • Dr Rob Jr

    What we really need is a Sheetz. Way better food.

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 10:31 am
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Hey Dr. Rob, I know in parts of Pennsylvania, the Sheetz-Wawa debate is as polarized as our politics.

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 11:48 am
  • Ed

    And Mark, over on your Facebook page, everyone who is bitching endlessly about growth are the same ones who just crucify Southern Shores residents every time that town bands together to keep their community quiet and old-school. Wish they would put a lid on it.

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 3:17 pm
  • Sandflea

    Dr Rob;
    I’m sure they can cram a Sheetz in between the Wawa and other 2 nearby gas stations somehow. Maybe they can combine it with the Sugar Kingdom along with another pharmacy up in Kitty Hawk.

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 3:34 pm
  • Dr Rob Jr

    Yup…and with Royal Farms soon in Grandy, that would make the trifecta of made-to-order gas station food!

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 4:02 pm
  • Johnny B. Good

    Wawa will be a great addition to the area!

    Sunday, Apr 23 @ 8:33 pm
  • Human Utensil for the Rich

    What about Gas Station Sushi?
    I’ve heard it is good for cleaning out the system………

    Monday, Apr 24 @ 1:05 pm
  • Wayne

    Yes please go to see the commissioners who sold out all the neighbors behind the store. The commissioner do not care about homeowners.! And in two years from now the site will look like it is now .Wawa cut Every tree down in the Property easement And. They won’t give us fence Tall enough to Block the homeowner’s view of the back of the store. So much for homeowners rights

    Monday, Apr 24 @ 2:55 pm
  • Corolla obx

    Nothing compared to site plan proposal in Corolla yep includes hotel in single family resident area with no plan or $ for fire, EMS, police etc services 500 parking spaces in limited density. Hope OBX voice will cover including meeting 4/28 4 pm Corolla library

    Monday, Apr 24 @ 7:38 pm
  • Johnny B. Good

    If you would have bought the property, you wouldn’t have to worry about it! Homeowners rights? The only rights homeowners have is the right to their own property! You can’t control neighboring property!

    Monday, Apr 24 @ 8:44 pm
  • Greg

    The Wawa debacle is typical of the “anything goes” development thinking in KDH. A vegetative buffer should have remained on the west lot line. The MP nine mess by SAGA on the beach road is just another piece of irresponsible development. It is completely ugly and just where are the tent going to park? KDH also permits four story homes and Nags Head is catching that disease.

    Tuesday, Apr 25 @ 8:37 am
  • George

    As if OBX is not over commercialized already.
    We have scratched OBX off our places to go list permanently. Rich people getting richer.

    Tuesday, Apr 25 @ 3:11 pm
  • KDH back seat reviewer

    Wawa. Sound that the residents make when complaining instead of taking action

    Tuesday, Apr 25 @ 3:55 pm
  • Olin Hardy

    Great coffee is coming to the OBX

    Friday, Apr 28 @ 9:42 am