Royal Farms to open doors in Grandy on May 1

By on April 25, 2023

On the same week that the convenience store chain Wawa announced a May 12 groundbreaking in Kill Devil Hills, Royal Farms released more information about its May 1 opening in Grandy.

As is the case with Wawa, the local Royal Farms will be its company’s first store in North Carolina.  Royal Farms says it has plans for additional locations in the state. The chain, which opened its first store in Baltimore in 1959, currently has more than 260 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Here is the release.

Baltimore-based Convenience Store Chain Royal Farms, known for its “World-Famous Chicken,” is expanding into Grandy, NC and establishing its support of the community with a donation to The Lower Currituck Food Pantry.

The Lower Currituck Food Panty serves Currituck County residents who struggle to make ends meet and are in need of emergency food assistance. Royal Farms will donate a truckload of products ranging from beverages, protein bars, snacks, and toilet paper on April 26. The Royal Farms in Grandy has received a warm welcome from residents with a sold-out soft opening event. The doors are set to open to the public on May 1.

“The Lower Currituck Food Pantry says a big thank you to Royal Farms for their generous donation. It’s nice to know a good neighbor has moved in.” Said Bill Henkel, Executive Director of Lower Currituck Food Pantry.

“We are thrilled to expand into North Carolina and bring our dedication to supporting the communities we serve with us. At Royal Farms, we are passionate about finding ways to give back to the neighborhoods we do business in.” Said Frank Schilling, Director of Marketing.

Royal Farms encourages the Grandy, NC community to reach out with ways it can be supported. Supporting first responders, schools, community organizers, and local hospitals are a few ways Royal Farms shows its commitment to giving back. Donation and sponsorship requests can be made on the Royal Farms website:



  • Glenn

    Nicely done by the Royal Farms team. Wawa…we’ll be standing by to learn about your commitment to support the local community.

    Tuesday, Apr 25 @ 9:03 pm
  • Chris

    Thank the Lord we have a place that will be open 24 hours a day. Grandy is finally moving up the ladder

    Tuesday, Apr 25 @ 9:47 pm
  • alllll right

    oh boy! I can’t wait to tell everyone how great their sandwiches and bathrooms are. It’s better than wahwah’s. And wahwah has some cleeeean bathrooms, you could eat a sandwich on.

    If there ever was a reason to develop land, it’s over a good sandwich and a clean bathroom!

    Wednesday, Apr 26 @ 8:48 am
  • Currituck Buckeye

    Last week, I had a leaking tire and rolled into Citgo at 11:10pm on a weeknight. I knocked on the glass to confirm that they were (in fact) closed. The person working the counter looked up at me and nearly shouted, “CLOSED!” and looked back down. I asked if they knew of any other stores that were open or knew where to help with a leaking tire and got the same blank stare up and “CLOSED!” and back down.

    Now, I’m not saying that they have a responsibility to do ANYTHING after the close of business, but an acknowledgement or recommendation would have gone a long way. The human experience of being blatantly and rudely ignored while I was politely requesting assistance or at least some direction means that I’ll gladly pass Citgo (even if their open) and give my business to Royal Farms.

    Wednesday, Apr 26 @ 12:29 pm
  • Lulz

    As someone who primarily lives in an area where Royal Farms is prevalent I can’t wait to see your thoughts 6 months from now lol.

    Wednesday, Apr 26 @ 6:18 pm
  • Jimmy G

    Oh boy, Glenn is back and issuing challenges to businesses again. I can smell the self importance from 250 miles away!

    Wednesday, Apr 26 @ 6:19 pm
  • Chris

    As one from Bawlmer who now lives in the OBX, I can tell you, that is some tasty chicken. We will definitely go up for a meal.

    Thursday, Apr 27 @ 12:07 am
  • David Smith

    Their no ethanol gas price is much lower than others. Wonder how long it will stay so low? Time will tell.

    Friday, May 5 @ 11:43 am