Beach nourishment completed in Town of Duck 

By on May 12, 2023

(Town of Duck)

The Town of Duck has announced what is the end of its beach nourishment project.

Here are the details.

Weeks Marine has completed the pumping of sand in Duck. Please be aware some shore pipe and equipment is still on the beach around Nor’banks Drive. The equipment will be transported down to Southern Shores throughout the week. The removal of the subline and remaining equipment at Diane St. is anticipated to occur on May 13. Port Trinitie will be restored to preconstruction conditions once the subline is removed.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during the nourishment project and schedule changes. Please continue to obey all posted signage in these areas and, as always, remember that all schedules are subject to change based on several factors.

Back in late November 2022, Duck announced that Weeks Marine was delaying its scheduled beach nourishment work for the town until the spring of 2023. The town cited “equipment issues, minor weather-related delays, and a commitment to another time-sensitive job,” as reasons why the contractor had fallen behind the original schedule.



  • Dan

    Now time to move all of the equipment off the beach in southern shores because Duck won’t allow them to use any of their accesses. They want beach nourishment but except someone else to deal with closed beaches and staging areas.

    Friday, May 12 @ 5:29 pm
  • Ralph

    AND …. get the Town of Duck sand fence piles out of the SS Parking Lot ‼️‼️

    Saturday, May 13 @ 2:01 pm
  • Andy Twifford

    It’s time to tie up traffic in southern shores now boys. Crossing guards and red lights! Gotta love it

    Monday, May 15 @ 10:23 am
  • Mike

    Another report from the Washington Post on the outer banks beach errosion around Roadanth where there are a dozen homes that are close to falling into the ocean.. sadly it is coming to the rest of the outer banks..

    Monday, May 15 @ 1:57 pm