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By on May 19, 2023

Sold Out Youth Foundation (SOYF), the non ‚Äď profit 501 ¬© (3) organization¬†that executes Alcohol & Drug Abstinence Programs in North Carolina, Arizona, and California public and private schools will be conducting assemblies here in Dare County Public Schools on Monday May 22nd.¬†¬†At 10:20 am at Manteo Middle School, and 1:45 pm at First Flight Middle School. The Sold Out Program executed assemblies last month at Cape Hatteras Secondary School, Manteo High School, and First Flight High School.

Sold Out‚Äės Mission¬†is to educate, encourage, and challenge students to live a life of alcohol and drug abstinence, while delivering a 100% online student video life skills, and overall health, wellness, and fitness education platform.

‚ÄúSold Out shares a commitment to¬†unraveling¬†our country‚Äôs current youth drug, alcohol and mental health crisis, according to Roman Gabriel III, president of the¬†Sold Out Youth Foundation. ‚ÄúThe SOYF Program equips schools with a comprehensive online platform that features a 100% Alcohol Abstinence Student Pledge Program, college PLA accredited Fentanyl education curriculum and awareness program to educate school staffs, parents, and students about the grave dangers that this drug poses.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄúI commend you (Sold Out) for stepping up and taking the Fentanyl issue head on, we need more people like you. This needs to be addressed with our schools, students, families, and businesses. It‚Äôs critical.‚Ä̬†Chris Clem¬†–¬†Former US Border Patrol Chief,¬†Arizona

Fentanyl overdose is cited as the leading cause of death for US teenagers, and age group 18-45, according to numbers from the CDC. The provisional data continues to be updated Vital Statistics Rapid Release РProvisional Drug Overdose Data   

Thank you for the support of the Dare County ABC Board. And our community partnerships with Saving Lives Task Force, Trillium Health Resources, East Carolina Radio Group, and the Outer Banks Voice. Teenagers from middle to high school are being approached through social networking sites (Snap Chat, Tic Toc, etc) and in person to purchase counterfeit opioids, marijuana, vape, and other substances that are laced with Fentanyl resulting in accidental deaths. The SOYF Fentanyl Program provides a comprehensive platform educating students in middle school and high school. The platform includes up to date research, online tools, counsellor curriculum, teachers guide, planning assistance, parental engagement, social networking responsibility, video stories, personnel testimonies, along with a community radio and TV PSA campaign. Encouraging and challenging parents to be engaged with their students about this dangerous drug, and engaging their students about drug and alcohol abstinence.

Sold Out features: 365 college accredited curriculum, sustainability, measurable results, student risk mitigation, computer friendly curriculum, turn key, flexible online visual learning, life skills training, counsellor preparation materials, and limited to no missed classroom time. Official website at Sold Out addresses the fentanyl crisis, offering a powerful PLA College Accredited Fentanyl Education Curriculum with teachers guide, researched tools, video and web information page, providing critical up to date education for students, parents, and school staff. Supported by a powerful high school athletic community media strategy. Student response and testimonials at testimonials/.

The program goes beyond just teaching abstaining from drugs and alcohol by challenging students to pursue team values, accountability, positive life choices, goal setting, mental and emotional well-being, nutrition, fitness and other critical life skills.

Sold Out empowers students to serve as role models for their peers and leverages role model mirroring, a comprehensive online learning platform comprised of videos that teach life skills and positive peer pressure to challenge students to reach their maximum potential.  Click to take the Sold Out Alcohol Abstinence Pledge

For more information, please email us at or call our office at 910-431-6483 


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  • Josh

    I support this group giving lectures to our children. However you are in desperate need of a editor. That headline should read “Roman Gabriel’s Sold Out Youth Foundation to provide Alcohol and Drug Abstinence Program to Dare County Schools.” See how that is 1000x more coherent.

    Saturday, May 20 @ 7:00 pm