Weeping Radish to open in new Manteo location 

By on August 21, 2023

No current plans to re-open at former Grandy site

The Weeping Radish, which first opened its doors in Manteo in 1986 and then sold its Grandy operation to Sumit Gupta in 2021, has announced that it is soon opening a Weeping Radish Taproom in the new Firetender Restaurant in the Hotel Manteo.

“We are currently under construction to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere for our customers to enjoy and are aiming for the restaurant and tap room to open in early 2024,” according to a release on the Weeping Radish website.

Gupta, the SAGA Realty & Construction CEO, is the co-owner and developer of the newly renovated Hotel Manteo, which was formerly the Elizabethan Inn.

The Weeping Radish story is well-known on the Outer Banks. Founder Uli Bennewitz moved to North Carolina from Germany in the 1980’s, and helped pave the way for the first microbrewery in the state that could sell beer directly to consumers—giving birth to a movement that has grown to hundreds of breweries and brewpubs in North Carolina. The business also focused on the farm-to-table food format.

When the sale of the 30-acre Grandy location was announced in December 2021, Gupta said that a refresh and expansion of the Weeping Radish had been tentatively set for some time in 2022.

The business, however, has never re-opened there and according to the announcement of the Manteo location, “the Grandy location has no immediate plans to re-open due to the number of required updates and repairs needed.”

The announcement went on to say that “Our team is focusing their energy and effort in Manteo, and we cannot wait to welcome you.”


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  • Stephen Miller

    It’s a shame that the facility in Grandy is being thrown to the side. There’s an old saying…….if you build it, they will come. Currituck is becoming the newest hot location for business. Something was wrong. If the same mistakes are made in Manteo, success will be daunting.

    Monday, Aug 21 @ 4:26 pm
  • Bryan Jones

    I’d like to point out that the actual founder and owner of the original Weeping Radish was Edward Greene. Uli Bennewitz was introduced to Eddie by another Outer Banks legend, Ray White.
    It was Edward who, with Marc Basnight, shepherded the bill authorizing microbreweries in NC, and the Radish was the first, paving the way for the strong microbrewery presence in the Tar Heel State.
    Uli was a great brewer and restauranteur, but not the diplomat needed for passing legislation.

    Monday, Aug 21 @ 5:27 pm
  • Dwight Deal

    I made my first visit to OBX in 2005. I made it a priority then to visit Weeping Radish at their former location in Manteo which I thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the brews. Eleven years later (2016), I, in partnership with 2 others, opened our own microbrewery. I had the good fortune to meet Uli later through the NC Brewers Guild and he graciously hosted me and my wife to a in depth tour of his entire operation in Currituck. I highly value the photo of us together pointing up to my brewery on the long timeline of new NC breweries. I’m very happy his legacy to the NC brewing industry will be revived once more in Manteo.

    Monday, Aug 21 @ 7:39 pm
  • WindyBill

    With Uli leaving the business, I wonder what will come of Weeping radishes new offerings? Mass produced Indian beer repackaged in Weepings’ lableing? Or worse? Well, it is up to you Sumit, and the OBX will be seriously watching and tasting.

    Monday, Aug 21 @ 8:55 pm
  • Moe Rauder

    You’re telling me that the real estate dude who builds the cheapest junk on the beach bungled the microbrew business? Shocking

    I’ll pass on the SAGA Pale Ale, thanks

    Monday, Aug 21 @ 9:32 pm
  • Adam

    It was obvious soon after they shut down the grandy location it wasn’t going to reopen. They knew it quickly too. However they still lied to the public about plans to reopen and basically ruined grandy. They’ve sold all the brewing equipment and plan to move the brewing to Raleigh. Saga blows. When do you have enough money man? Why do you have to keep going? Why do you have to make other peoples lives worse so you can become slightly richer? Please leave the OBX alone

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 7:13 am
  • surf123

    Anyone who was able to enjoy the Christmas Shop and the Weeping Radish in the 80’s and 90’s will never forget how great it was and how much we lost when it closed. I am not sure if it was part of the master plan, but the shops on the other side of the bridge as you walked towards the Weeping Radish from the Christmas Shop were a Christkindlmarkt tying the brewery to the store. I had hopes the Weeping Radish in Currituck would reopen, but that now looks like a dream and with Uli gone it is probably better that way. He was the leader of the microbrewery revolution that has morphed into a mishmash of beers that appeal to the indiscriminate consumer chasing fancy names.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 10:43 am
  • Former fan

    With the employees that were told “nothing will change” now scattered to the wind,any attempt at reopening will be hollow to the established old customers. Seems as if keeping it going in name only for monetary reasons, as they prepare for the bulldozers up in jarvisburg development wise. Very sorry Uli, we miss you and everyone else,,,Hi Cricket!&Brenda!

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 1:20 pm
  • Former fan

    With the employees that were assured “nothing will change” now scattered to the wind,any attempt at reopening will be hollow to the established old customers. Seems as if keeping it going in name only for monetary reasons, as they prepare for the bulldozers up in jarvisburg development wise. Very sorry Uli, we miss you and everyone else,,,Hi Cricket!&Brenda!

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 1:21 pm
  • Grandyguy

    Mark do you know if this new location will still have a butcher shop or will it be brew only?

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 2:40 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Grandguy, their announcement says they plan on providing specialty meats.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 7:39 pm
  • Sandflea

    Many thanks for pointing out that Gupta is the current owner. I was not aware of this. I will no longer be a supporter of that establishment. I do not want to purchase the Slumlord Pale Ale.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 4:13 pm
  • Jd

    How can you tell when anyone from SAGA is lying? Whenever they buy something and then say they are going to renovate it. Look at Elizabeth City, New Bern, Edenton, and so on. Citizens, talk to your town council, county commissioners, and state representatives. SAGA needs to be held accountable for their lies and misdeeds.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 6:52 pm
  • jnash

    We really need a nice breakfast and lunch place ..not a niteclub bar..I say Hello and Goodby to this one too.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 8:32 pm
  • Lorrie

    The residents of Edenton are more than familiar with SAGA’s grand promises and lack of performance. The company has been declaring it would renovate the Hotel Hinton since 2015. On the Historic Hotel Hinton Rehabilitation Facebook page, timelines were proclaimed weeks ago for long overdue maintenance work that has yet to be completed. What SAGA has done very well is to get away with neglecting an historic hotel and allowing it to decay for almost 10 years and to be vandalized repeatedly.

    Tuesday, Aug 22 @ 8:38 pm
  • Linda Kraus

    Grandyguy, this is the actual statement from the website. “Specialty meats go hand in hand with Weeping Radish Beer! We plan to offer a unique and delicious variety in the future and are researching and developing the best options to provide!” The new Manteo location is in the restaurant portion of Hotel Manteo, and I find it very hard to believe that specialty meats will be sold there, especially since it’s called a taproom. And as usual, the wording very carefully avoids anything definitive.

    Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 5:12 am
  • Dan

    Just look at the monstrosity 14 buildings or so packed in a tiny lot across from Travelodge on the Beach road for their plans in jarvisburg. But hey, buy our redesigned beer koozie for $20!

    Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 5:57 am
  • Human Utensil for the Rich

    The ‘Philanthropies’ page of Saga’s website quote Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Desmond Tutu, and Booket T. Washington on the joys of giving.
    Seems like the Gupta’s organization needs a new Minister of Propaganda……………..

    Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 8:52 am
  • Mike Raphone

    “The Grandy location has no immediate plans to re-open due to the number of required updates and repairs needed.” – No. Every employee left when the business was sold, and none would come back. And of course no new ones will show up because they don’t want to be part of the SAGA machine.

    Wednesday, Aug 23 @ 11:18 am
  • william hentnik

    How many homes can you stuff onto 30 acres?

    Thursday, Aug 24 @ 1:26 pm
  • Currituck

    We all frame our own story in the way that suits our goals and ego. Saga is no different. I did not think they would last this long but their decisions and the market trends make them appear successful to this outsider and neighbor in Grandy.


    Tuesday, Aug 29 @ 6:26 am