Be WOWed at the 2023 Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival

By on September 4, 2023

October 17 thru 22 (main session)
Keynote speaker – Julie Zickefoose – author, artist, naturalist, speaker
December 8 thru 10 (WOW Encore session)

Registration is open for the 2023 Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival.  WOW consists of over 60 trips and programs for nature lovers. These trips and programs include birding, paddling, photography, art and natural history.

The main session of Wings Over Water takes place Tuesday October 17 through Sunday October 22. WOW Encore session takes place Friday December 8 through Sunday December 10. WOW Encore is especially for birders. Our hope is that we will see larger flocks of migratory waterfowl than were here during the October Wings Over Water main session. You’ll have top birding guides during both sessions of Wings Over Water.

Wings Over Water Keynote Speaker- Julie Zickefoose


Keynote Talk: ​​Baby Birds – An Artist Looks Into the Nests

​Julie was our 2019 Wings Over Water keynote speaker and we’re thrilled to have her back. She is a writer and artist. Some of her books are, Letters From Eden and The Bluebird Effect and she is a contributing editor to Bird Watcher’s Digest. Click here to learn more about Julie Zickefoose.

Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival (WOW) is an annual fundraising event held in support of regional National Wildlife Refuges. Funds raised through Wings Over Water help with educational travel grants to get school children out of the classroom and into the visitor centers and out onto the refuges. WOW funds also help pay for signs, trail maintenance, refuge promotional materials and refuge supplies. All this is done throught the non-profit refuge friends support group, Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society (CWRS). WOW funds help pay the salary of three CWRS staff members. One CWRS staffer coordinates all volunteers, Rvers and interns, without whose help there would be no visitor centers and hundreds of projects around the refuges would go undone. Another CWRS staff manages four regional refuge gift shops. And the third staff member coordinates the WOW Festival, maintains CWRS & WOW websites and handles reservations for all refuge guided interpretive trips. All of this and more are important and vital support to which Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival funds support the local national wildlife refuges.


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