There are no off years in our democracy

By on October 16, 2023

By Laura Singletary, Co-president, League of Women Voters of Dare County

On Election Day – Nov. 7 – voters will make important decisions regarding the future of our communities.

All towns of Dare County will hold municipal elections to choose their mayors, and city council members.

Because voters don’t turn out as much during these municipal elections, the margins are smaller – meaning a few votes can make an enormous difference.

During early voting, which begins Oct. 19 and ends Nov. 4, you can register and vote all in one stop.  Locations will be at the Dare County Administrative Offices and Kill Devil Hills Town Hall.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that has been educating voters for 103 years. Our primary mission is to empower voters and defend democracy. We urge you to go to to prepare to vote in this election. By entering your home address on the site, you see what’s on your ballot, check your voter registration status, compare candidate responses to League questions, and much more!

Please tell your friends. Don’t forget your photo ID, a new requirement this year.  If you vote absentee by mail, the postage will be $1.59.  Call Dare County board of elections office at (252) 475-5630 with any questions.

The choices we make at our polling place this fall will affect many aspects of our lives going forward.  Mayors and Council members decide what can be built where, provide public services and utilities, water, sewer, roads, sidewalks, bike paths, parks and recreation, police and fire.

Make voting a habit.


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