Outbreak of criminal mischief at Meekins Field Park

By on February 2, 2024

Town of Kills Devil Hills seeks the public’s help

(Town of Kill Devil Hills)

Vandalism at Meekins Field Park

Meekins Field Park has recently undergone major improvements and additions, which has made it a popular spot for many people who come to enjoy its various recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, the park has also experienced an increase in criminal mischief and vandalism.

In January, the restroom facilities were targeted by various forms of vandalism, including a diaper changing table being broken from the wall, food and drink sprayed among the bathrooms, and toilets that were clogged with excessive amounts of toilet paper and other items. In addition to the incidents in the restroom facilities, the playground was also purposefully damaged by an individual recklessly operating a 3-wheeler through the areas of mulch and on the playground equipment itself. The juvenile operating the 3-wheeler was caught and has been banned from the park.

Acts of mischief and vandalism such as these, diminish the enjoyment of the park for many other people, create a dangerous environment, and cost our taxpayers money for the repairs and labor.

The Town has increased its security measures at Meekins Field Park by placing additional cameras in the vicinity and by increasing the frequency of law enforcement and other staff patrolling the area. However, the Town of Kill Devil Hills, along with its Police Department, is requesting the public’s assistance.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please make a report with KDH Detective Drummond by contacting him at (252) 449-5337, or by email at ddrumm@kdhnc.com. We need our citizens to report any acts of mischief that are witnessed at Meekins Field Park, or any other park, playground, or access, to the Dare Central non-emergency number at (252) 473-3444.

Meekins Field Park is owned and maintained by the Town of Kill Devil Hills and the Town reserves the right to restrict access and/or close the park at any time if necessary. Although this is not an action we want to take, we take all acts of mischief and vandalism seriously.

The Town’s top priority is to ensure that all of our parks, playgrounds, and accesses remain safe and enjoyable for everyone who visits them.



  • Hahaha

    So I took my kid there around Christmas to see the lights like we have the last few years. We pull up, there are a few adults in the skate park and a group of either high school kids or middle school boys there as well. As soon as we get there the kids scatter. First start walking around the pond, then B line for the dock as soon as we start walking. We get to the back side of the park and hear them coughing and can smell pot. We get to the backside of the trail around the pond and there is a KDH cop just sitting in his vehicle. We keep walking and see the boys go hand something to the adults and smell pot everywhere. Just my 2 cents but if you want to make a difference have the lazy ass KDH cops actually get of their vehicles and do foot patrols around the park.

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 11:42 am
  • Local Bob

    I’ll bet it was one of them coyotes up there

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 12:36 pm
  • Just me

    Instead of banding them from the park make the do community service to fix the damage!

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 1:47 pm
  • Mike Raphone

    If you think that bathroom was bad, don’t ever go to a concert at The Boathouse in Norfolk, or any nightclubs.

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 2:36 pm
  • Arthur Pewty

    I can’t imagine there’s much street cred to be gained in molesting a public toilet.

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 7:48 pm
  • Buck C

    @Hahaha Skateboarding is not a crime

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 8:03 pm
  • Shirley

    It’s the middle of winter, but come on, blame kids of tourists.

    Friday, Feb 2 @ 8:23 pm
  • Robert Woody

    …”banned from the park”….not going to cut it as a consequence. Go after the parents!

    Saturday, Feb 3 @ 1:18 am
  • Gloria Serido

    This is terrible and like the rest of the country, we are seeing a rise in criminality. Know where your kids are at all times. Just because they say they’re somewhere doesn’t mean they are. If this is an adult, I hope he’s caught and stays in jail until trial. All of us can help all of us.

    Saturday, Feb 3 @ 9:26 pm
  • Michael Burch

    What a shame.People are always saying do not live in the past. But this would not have happened in the past.Lady Diane Baum St. Clair would be ashamed!

    Sunday, Feb 4 @ 3:54 pm
  • Travis

    @hahahaha: You and a few others are confusing Meekins with Aviation. Aviation is the park with the Christmas lights, skate ramp and churlish teen presence. Meekins used to be the ball field near the water tower, now it is the water park with the playground. Meekins isn’t near the schools and probably doesn’t draw the same crowd.

    Sunday, Feb 4 @ 8:29 pm
  • Karen Lee

    Yeah, they’re gonna catch and lock them up, they don’t even keep murderers in jail anymore, I’m sire the bathroom bandit with get the death penalty.

    And I’m sure Lady, Queen Martha Snootybottom Musketeer Pants III is rolling over in her grave!

    Sunday, Feb 4 @ 8:29 pm
  • Currituck Buckeye

    If they catch these kids, neither banning them from the park nor going after the parents is going to resolve this issue, long term. Obviously, they have no respect or appreciation for the park, so “banning” them is irrelevant. If they obey the judgement and move on, they’ll just find an opportunity to wreak havoc elsewhere. And seeing as they ignored law and common sense in destroying the bathroom in the first place, a “ban” would be another order that would be ignored. And going after the parents is really only going to make things worse. If these were kids acting out in anger / frustration due to a bad home life, holding their parents accountable for their actions is only going to piss them off and make that environment more oppressive. And odds will increase that they’ll lash out again.

    I would recommend supervised repairs. If they tore up the landscaping on a 3 wheeler, then make them fix it. If they tore up grass, have them fix the turf, reseed and water it. If they destroyed the bathroom, bring a set of tools and teach them how to put it back together. Provide some structure and instill a sense of responsibility and accountability.

    Monday, Feb 5 @ 10:50 am