District Attorney Cruden responds to decision that Selby shooting was ‘not unlawful’

By on February 21, 2024

District Attorney Jeffrey Cruden.

Jeffrey Cruden, District Attorney of the First Prosecutorial District released this statement on the evening of Feb. 21 in response to Special Prosecutor Chuck Spahos’ decision not to file charges in the fatal shooting of Sylvester Demetrius Selby by Dare County Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Francis Glaser III.

Here is the statement.

Today my office was notified by the Special Prosecutor, Charles Spahos with the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, that after his review of the events of October 2, 2023 involving Dare County Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Francis Glaser III that resulted in the death of Sylvester Demetrius Selby, the “force used by Deputy Glaser was authorized by G.S. 15A-401 (d)(2) to defend himself and Sergeant Gibbs from what a reasonable officer would have believed to be the use of imminent use of deadly physical force by Mr. Selby”.

After it became clear that District Attorney Jeff Cruden had a conflict of interest in the case because of relationships between Mr. Cruden and both the Deputy involved, and the family of the deceased Mr. Selby, District Attorney Jeff Cruden made a request that an independent prosecutor be assigned to review the events of that night.

District Attorney Jeff Cruden stated, “Any loss of life is tragic. Deputy Glaser did not respond to the home of Mr. Simms that evening to do harm, in fact Deputy Glaser had been to the same home a week earlier and not only assisted EMS and other law enforcement officers in preventing Mr. Selby from assaulting another officer, Deputy Glaser rode with Mr. Selby in the EMS vehicle to ensure no harm would come to either Mr. Selby or the medical personnel. Unfortunately, Mr. Selby was in such a state that he was unwilling or unable to comply with the Deputy’s commands to drop the knife prior to charging towards Sgt. Duwayne Gibbs. In Sergeant Gibbs words, ‘Deputy Glaser saved my life that night.’ Thankfully we have officers like Deputy Glaser and Sergeant Gibbs that are willing to serve their communities and respond to potential life-threatening situations daily, and by doing so potentially place themselves in harm’s way. My biggest regret is that Mr. Selby had not received the help he obviously needed earlier, so possibly such a situation could have been avoided.”

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