Woodard versus Hayman for District 2 Dare Board of Commissioners seat

By on February 23, 2024

Christian Thomas Hayman and Bob Woodard.

(This is the third of three stories about the six candidates in Republican primary contests for the Dare County Board of Commissioners)

The Republican primary contest for the District 2 seat on the Dare County Board of Commissioners features incumbent Chair Bob Woodard being challenged by Christian Thomas Hayman.

All six Republican candidates competing in the three primary contests for board seats were emailed a set of five questions from the Voice and then contacted to ensure that they had received them. Hayman did not respond to numerous emails and phone calls seeking to confirm his receipt of the questions and did not submit a response to the questions.

In order to give voters a sense of his background and views, we are publishing the Dec. 1 Facebook post Hayman wrote in announcing his candidacy. That can be found after the responses submitted by Woodard.

Please provide us with basic biographical information, including relevant professional experience and public service.

  • Dare County Commissioner since 2012, Chairman of the Dare County Board since 2014
  • Currently represents the Dare Board of Commissioners on the following Boards:
    • Trustee for the College of the Albemarle
    • Member Dare County Emergency Management Senior Leaders
    • Capital Improvements Committee
    • Roanoke Island Historical Association
    • Dare Bombing Range Advisory Council
    • Five on Five Committee with the Dare County Board of Education
    • Chairman of the Dare County Workforce Housing Task Force
    • Mayor Pro Temp for the Town of Kill Devil Hills from 2006 to 2011
    • Towne of Kill Devil Hills Commissioner from 1999 to 2001
    • Former Chairman, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Before retirement in 2022, I had a distinguished 45-year professional career helping business owners and their employees with their insurance needs. I most recently served as Vice President of Towne Insurance, providing strategic direction for clients in Eastern North Carolina. Throughout the years, I served on a number of various committees for the Professional Insurance Agents Association, the Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, and the PIA Workers Compensation Advisory Council.

My wife, Linda and I have two sons and four grandchildren. We enjoy traveling when we can. The East Coast is our preference to travel in our recreational vehicle.


What would you cite as your top three priorities for Dare County should you be elected?

  • Workforce/Essential Housing
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities
  • Education

Working in close partnership with the towns and community stakeholders I will continue to address the growing need for workforce/essential housing. Our recreational facilities in the County are in much need of an upgrade and the lack of field space for our sports programs will be a priority for our Board of Commissioners in 2024. I will also continue my track record of assuring adequate funding for our exemplary schools.


Given what has thus far been widespread community opposition to new housing developments (alternately known as workforce/essential housing), are you confident that significant new projects for this purpose can be built in the county?

Woodard: Our towns, stakeholders and many in our community agree that there is a need for workforce/essential housing and are committed to working together to find solutions that will not have a negative impact in neighborhoods. I am hopeful and optimistic that the newly created Housing Task Force can come to a consensus to provide the much-needed housing for those in need in our community. Teamwork is the key. Working in close partnerships with one another.


Do you believe the current level of tourism in Dare County is sustainable or have we exceeded our ability to reasonably accommodate the number of seasonal visitors who come here?

Woodard: Every community that experiences growth has to honestly face whatever growing pains that may arise. No matter what issues may develop, I have always sought solutions by bring the community together to face them in a responsible and balanced way. Balancing the problems and benefits of growth is the duty that elected officials throughout the county must face and creatively solve for their citizens. I am dedicated to continuing to face these issues and fight on behalf of the people of Dare County.’


What is the most important difference between you and your opponent in this primary contest?

Woodard: Experience. I believe my 40+ years of serving and paying my “Civic Rent” to the community makes me the best candidate for a position of public trust on the Dare County Board of Commissioners. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to put together teams of people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints and then lead them in working together for the common good. This leadership skill has carried over to equip me in serving as a county commissioner. It has taught me how to work hard and lead by example, which I believe is crucial in developing the community partnerships that are needed to actually get things done for the people of Dare County. Leading, Listening and learning are among the skills that I pride myself in as a Dare County Commissioner.


The following is the complete Dec. 1 Facebook post by Christian Thomas Hayman announcing his candidacy for the board of commissioners.

Hello, I am Christian T. Hayman, and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Dare County Commissioner.

I am a 7th generation born and raised resident of the Outer Banks. Growing up on the Outer Banks was like living in paradise. The only time I left the area was for five years when I joined the United States Army. While in the Army I proudly served my country as a Military Police Officer, but now I feel it is time to serve my community.

A little bit about myself.

When I was young it was my honor to portray Wano in the Lost Colony. As a teenager I worked for Owens’ Restaurant. My family has been in the restaurant business for years as my grandparents Mike and Rachel Hayman owned and operated the Seafare Restaurant in Nags Head. My Great Grandfather Dewy Hayman served as Mayor of Nags Head and NC State Senator while owning the Arlington Hotel. I am an active member of St. Andrews By The Sea Episcopalian Church and was baptized in the old chapel. I was an Acolyte, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, and an Usher. I am a member of the United States Cavalry Association and an Army veteran. I enjoy fishing and hunting along with sitting on the beach to watch the sunrise and playing with my dog Chance.

My platform

  • Affordable Housing for Locals
  • Lowering Local Taxes for Residents
  • Helping Local Businesses
  • Make Small Businesses a Priority
  • Develop a Sustainable Partnership Plan Between Towns in our County for Leaders and residents
  • Preserve the History of the Community

If elected, I would like to hear from my community about changes they want to see for a better future for our county. I will push for Dare County local residents to have the opportunity for better and affordable housing. I feel that by preserving our local history we as a community would benefit greatly economically, along with supporting local owned businesses like mom- and-pop shops such as locally owned restaurants and other businesses.

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  • We The People

    Hopefully if Christian Thomas Hayman is elected he will at least read and understand and get real citizen input on proposed zoning ordinances before voting on them.

    Rather than Bob Pelosi Woodard who just rubberstamps whatever high density zoning changes that the Builders Assoc and the Chamber of Commerce tell him to push through and then is shocked (shocked I tell you) to find out that high density zoning ordinances allow for high density housing projects.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 2:03 pm
  • JayJay

    I am on board with Christian, its time for some changes in Dare County. Its past time to vote out the dinosaur politicians. Lets give the younger generation a chance to make things right and good.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 2:15 pm
  • surf123

    I am voting for Hayman just to get White out of office. It is past time to flip the commissioners office and we can start with White.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 2:19 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Who is White?

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 2:50 pm
  • disgruntled

    I don’t think Woodard answered the housing question. My proposal would be to offer tax incentives to businesses that offer housing for their employees. win win.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 6:32 pm
  • Rocky the Rockfish

    I’m tired of these old guys trying to shove their ideas down our throats under the guise of “teamwork”
    You are not a team player if you disagree with Woodard and his merry band corporate socialist.
    Hayman is getting my vote.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 6:32 pm
  • Martha

    I’m concerned that Mr. Hayman did not reply even after repeated attempts at contact. If he wants my vote I need to know that he will take the job seriously. I’m not seeing this as this was a prime opportunity that he missed for him to tell us about his ideas, and his vision for the position and our county.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 7:04 pm
  • Knows The Truth

    “Hayman did not respond to numerous emails and phone calls seeking to confirm his receipt of the questions and did not submit a response to the questions.” Seriously? This guy is asking for our votes and does not return emails or phone calls! Hopefully, there was a mistake with his contact information!

    If he cannot even answer 5 questions, what kind of commissioner will he be? Talk about a lack of transparency. Anyone who votes for Hayman better not complain about a lack of communication from our elected officials.

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 8:16 pm
  • Terry Gore

    As a matter of general principle, I do not like to speak poorly of anyone who has stepped up to run for public office. However, it is unconscionable that he would not answer questions posed to him by a trusted local news source. It makes it difficult to give credibility to a candidate who does not engage in discussions of topics.

    Regardless, Bob Woodard has fought for our county for over a decade holding office on the town and county level. He has led us through Covid, opened our waterways, and promoted higher education in the county. Dare County is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise children. Much of this is due to the leadership of Bob Woodard. I thank him for all he does and pray for 4 more years!

    Friday, Feb 23 @ 8:25 pm
  • New generation

    Woodard needs to go!
    Too Shady.
    Vote for Hayman, honest transparent governance.
    And Haymen isn’t in bed with the developers!!

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 8:21 am
  • Bobby Gentry

    We need the old guard to retire and let the people who will be affected most by any decisions take the reins.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 9:19 am
  • Born Again

    These young republicans (Creef and Hayman) fishing for cred based on “local as it gets” is weak. I don’t care what your last name is or how many generations your family has lived here, I’m voting for the future, not the past. I hope my fellow constituents choose wisely.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 9:36 am
  • anyone from anywhere

    Both candidates are wrong on housing. Woodard says his top priority is “Workforce/Essential Housing” and Hayman says his top priority is “Affordable Housing for Locals”; but there is no such thing as housing that is limited just to the essential workforce or just to locals.

    It is against the law to discriminate against tenants based on location of prior residence, age, occupation, or source of income. Employers can legally provide housing just for their employees but that is not publicly available housing.

    The proposed taxpayer subsidized housing projects would be open to anyone from anywhere as long as they meet the income limits. These proposed housing projects would encourage more non-local people to move to Dare County (including retired people and other non-workers) which would increase the demand for already limited services and make our local worker housing problems even worse.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 11:09 am
  • lippy

    “anyone from anywhere” hits the nail on the head. Incentivize businesses to provide housing for their employees.
    We don’t need “affordable housing” projects that accept federal monies and with it federal laws dictating to us who gets to live in those projects. Worst possible scenario and Woodward has championed those “affordable housing” projects.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 8:10 am
  • outis

    I’m still waiting for an answer to the biggest question in this race.
    Who is White?
    Is this a new mystery candidate who not only won’t answer questions about their positions on issues, but won’t even reveal who they are? Maybe that’s the way to do it. Just ask everyone to “Write in White” (that’s catchy, isn’t it?) as a protest vote, even if you don’t know who it is.
    Likely another member of the new Local as it Gets wing of the Dare Republican Party though.

    Sunday, Feb 25 @ 9:28 am
  • Observation

    Important questions Hayman refused to answer and Woodard pretended to answer. As in other upcoming elections, I don’t see a great choice.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 8:00 am
  • Concerned Local

    @ anyone from anywhere

    you are correct that the proposed taxpayer funded projects cannot be limited to local workforce housing, which makes them a pretty bad idea for us here. but we’ve seen other communities successfully implement various deed restrictions designed to ease local workforce housing crises all over this country in recent years – aspen and breckenridge come to mind as very similar to our situation.

    privately funded developments can be restricted in a way that would really benefit this community but developers and builders aren’t as interested in those, for some odd ($) reason.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 10:52 am
  • Frank

    Strange that Hayman didn’t respond. I don’t know him personally, and am not “friends” with him on Facebook, and yet when I sent him a FB message with a few questions regarding this election, he replied within 24 hours.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 8:02 pm
  • Wayne

    No, for woodwood it’s time for him to go. He is too old bending his job too long. He does not look at issues.
    In a new way. Everyone has a short memory look, What he did at COVID. He cost taxpayers in the county a lot of money because he didn’t want property owners on the Island . He is not for the homeowners he’s all for the businesses they should have to support some of this low cost housing they benefit but we pay let’s get him out !

    Wednesday, Feb 28 @ 2:53 pm