Two challengers and one incumbent win in GOP primary contests for Dare County Commissioner

By on March 5, 2024

From left: Bob Woodard, Carson Creef and Mike Burrus.

With all the county precincts tallied, the unofficial results in the Republican primary battles for three seats on the Dare Board of Commissioners reveal that two challengers prevailed over incumbents while Commissioner Chair Bob Woodard defeated his challenger in the other race.

In a District 1 race, Carson Creef defeated incumbent board vice-chair Wally Overman by a margin of about 56% to 44%. Creef’s campaign signs and messaging broadcast his support for Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump.

In the battle for the unexpired District 1 term, Mike Burrus defeated brief incumbent Bea Basnight by virtually the same margin—about 56% to 44%. Basnight, a one-time Democrat, had been selected last November by the Dare County Republican Party’s Executive Committee to fill the board seat left vacant after the death of Commissioner Jim Tobin.

The one incumbent commissioner who will move on to the November elections is Woodard, who defeated Christian Thomas Hayman, capturing about 68% of the unofficial tally to Hayman’s 32%. Woodard is the only one of the three Republican primary victors who will have an opponent in November in Democrat Katie Morgan.

In some of the high profile national and state primary fights on the ballot, Dare County Democrats gave President Joe Biden 88% of the vote compared to 12% who voted no preference. Statewide, with almost 90% of precincts reporting, the margin was virtually the same.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump took 72% of the Dare County vote compared to 25% for Nikki Haley. Statewide, Trump is defeating Haley 75% to 22%.

In the Democratic primary fight for governor, Josh Stein won 73% of the Dare County vote compared with 13% for Mike Morgan. Statewide, the margin is 69% to 14%.

And in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Mark Robinson carried Dare County by a 62% to 25% margin over Dale Folwell. Across the state, with almost all precincts reporting, Robinson was ahead 65% to 19%.

Dare County turnout for the primary election was just under 25% of the eligible voters.


  • Steven

    It’s mind blowing to me that anyone would continue to support the Democratic Party after it’s been proven their cause is to dismantle America..

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 5:32 am
  • Jed

    This is happening in tourism dependent towns and counties in every state. Locals get sick of old money grubbing reps not listening to a sincere plea for a stop to the greed. Creef is a really weird dude but he can at least read the room.

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 5:36 am
  • Michael Bean

    Finally! Wanchese will have representation that we have not had since the 80s. Wanchese is the industrial base of the county and we were tired of things being shoved down our throats. I’m sorry Woodard is still in there and the Republican executive committee is on notice not to put a so called republican in office again. Hopefully the biggest threat to Wanchese that is not being talked about will be addressed, the sewage treatment plant that has the only permit in the state to dump treated waste water into the sound. Folks better pay attention!

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 7:08 am
  • Caleb

    Less than 25% voter turnout. Great job guys. Guess that means >75% of you aren’t going to be complaining this next election cycle, right?

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 7:39 am
  • Rocky the Rockfish

    Carson defeated Overman!!! Lol
    I’m no Trump supporter but I voted for Carson to get rid of the deadwood

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 9:33 am
  • Obx mermaid

    Hope the dare county republican commissioners realize we did not like how our county was being run! Too many tourists! All these issues about affordable housing and cluster housing which are never going to work in Dare County! And why they decided to be light on crime and do this Dare County Drug Court that does not work,!

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 9:38 am
  • Jeff Walker

    Said it the other day in response to the candidate profile on here that Creef might win because he actually acknowledges some of the problems here. And sure enough.

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 10:06 am
  • Bev

    BRAVO to those Citizens that got out of their comfy chair and participated in the Primary. I wished that more had come out to do their Civic Duty. Obviously, early voting did not increase voter participation. IMO: Early Voting is a waste of our Tax Dollars and can lead to Voter Interference/fraud.
    Thank you to all that put their name on the dotted line. It’s often a thankless job.
    Congratulations to the Republicans of Dare who rejected a democrat that replaced a Republican won seat. The GOP of Dare placed the Democrat in the seat and it was a slap in our faces. We will NOT tolerate this behavior after we fought so hard for our Party.

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 10:38 am
  • Congratulations Wanchese

    Walter Raleigh was a property developer who planned to make a lot of money by developing property in the new world. He was not concerned about the impacts on the people who already lived here.
    When they returned from England, Manteo thought, these people are more powerful then us so we should compromise with them and maybe our tribe can gain from it. Wanchese thought, these people are more powerful then us and do not care about us so we should resist them.

    Like their namesake, Wanchesers are still trying to stand up to and resist the more powerful property developers, the Builders Association, the Realtors Association, etc. It is like trying to swim against the tide but the people of Wanchese have lots of experience with tides.

    2 for 2, good job.

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 12:20 pm
  • Nosey OBXer

    @Michael Bean , I was wondering what was dumped into that dirty water. Pretty damn gross and unhealthy . Was that from the de-regulation by the trump administration? Just wondering…

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 1:08 pm
  • Billnc

    This ought to be an interesting few years, given the bad blood between burrus and the county leadership, allegedly…

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 5:26 pm
  • Frank

    @CongratulationsWanchese, good one!

    Wednesday, Mar 6 @ 7:34 pm
  • obxnatv

    It wasn’t only Wanchese that voted for Creef and Burrus. If you think Dare county is special now, you should have been here 60 years ago. The very things that draw people here, are the things that have been destroyed by overdevelopment. Jealous? Sure I am, but my jealousy stems from the heartbreak, and disgust I feel crossing the Baum bridge heading east. I will be leaving Dare county for good, soon, for I have grown tired of the taxes, tourists, and storms. Too little, too late for Wanchese, and all of Dare.

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 8:41 am
  • Dethrol

    @Nosey OBXer
    Dragged yourself out from under your liberal rock to make a completely out of context comment just to bash Trump. Typical. And just FYI, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of permits in North Carolina for wastewater discharge into waters and wilderness (including coastal discharge into oceans, bays and sounds). Wanchese, Stumpy Point, all of the reverse osmosis plants, etc have permits allowing them to break the rules.

    The overwhelming majority of permits in North Carolina disproportionately apply to a few places: Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, Wilmington, Winston-Salem. Hmmmm, wonder what these places have in common. It’s certainly not Trump. Could it be decades of liberal leadership…. Glass houses, stones…..

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 10:48 am
  • Travis

    That is a really weird election result.

    It’s been pretty clear over the last couple of cycles that if you are pro-affordable housing you are not going to do well with voters. And yet Woodard, who has been blowing the affordable housing horn the loudest, gets a clean win while the others get trounced. Go figure.

    Apologies to Mr. Creef. I was dead wrong in an earlier post. Apparently the Trump coattails are long enough and Dare County wants to move from a representative government to a theocracy. Boy was I wrong.

    Could the Voice maybe bookmark the current Dare County budget and see where it stands in 4 years? I’ll be interested to see if this new group actually lives up to the spending cut bravado that they espoused. Given my .000 batting average in predicting this election, I’ll just sit quietly and wait to see the outcome.

    For now, the ‘chese is pleased their mouse king is on the throne but governing/leading is quite a different animal than campaigning. Good luck.

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 3:09 pm
  • lol

    where is your spine!!! you have to have a sense that allowing these completely nonsensical comments is not that different than my comments protesting them…

    you should require them to submit sources at this rate with all the monitoring you’re doing. ‘IT IS A DEMOCRACY AFTER ALL AINT IT?!”

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 4:44 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Lol, your comments were deleted because one of them contained three lazy words. The other contained inappropriate language. You’re gonna have to do better than that,

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 8:51 pm
  • Moe Rauder

    All it takes to get elected around these parts is to declare yourself “Pro Trump” – sad

    Thursday, Mar 7 @ 5:53 pm
  • Sandflea

    Same happened to me. My last two posts were not posted. First one was a bit aggressive, but the second one was fact driven. I responded to Steven’s non-fact based post. He was obviously parroting Trumps talking points, so I FACTUALLY listed what Trump has done to actually done to try to destroy America and his crimes; then FACTUALLY listed the things Biden has done to benefit America.

    Friday, Mar 8 @ 8:11 am
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Let me explain something to everyone who feels like weighing in on the 2024 Presidential race on these pages. Unless a story is specifically about that race or is at least reasonably closely related, there will be no posts from people factually or un-factually letting us know their thoughts on Trump, Biden, RFK Jr, Marianne Williamson, Raymond Dude Wagner, etc. The Voice comments page will not be turned over to that subject for the next nine months.

    Friday, Mar 8 @ 2:43 pm
  • Just beachy

    Thank you Mark for limiting discussion to the article topic. Yikes.

    Monday, Mar 11 @ 2:11 pm