Woman charged with embezzling more than $200K from Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department

By on April 2, 2024

The North Carolina Department of Insurance has issued this April 2 release announcing the arrest of a Shawboro women for embezzling more than $200K from the Lower Currituck County Volunteer Fire Department.

Here is the information.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced that a Currituck County fire department employee has been charged with embezzling more than $200,000 from the department.

Amanda Christine Lamb, 46, of 637 N. Sandy Hook Road, Shawboro, was charged with embezzlement of funds by a public officer.

Special agents with the Department of Insuranceā€™s Criminal Investigations Division accuse Lamb of embezzling approximately $205,305.85 from the Lower Currituck County Volunteer Fire Department by misappropriating fire department funds.

The offense occurred from July 1, 2020, to Nov. 1, 2022.

Lamb was indicted by a Currituck County Grand Jury on March 25 and arrested on March 26. Lamb was released on a $97,000 secured bond. She is due in Currituck County Superior Court on April 22.

ā€œVolunteer firefighters dedicate so much of their time and effort to keeping their communities safe,ā€ Commissioner Causey said. ā€œItā€™s disheartening to learn that money intended to protect life and property may have been siphoned off for personal use. While everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, we plan to make sure that those who donate to fire departments can be sure that their money is well spent. It is vitally important that every fire department and rescue squad have proper accounting checks and balances to ensure fire department money is spent wisely.ā€

Commissioner Causey encourages people to report such suspected crimes immediately by calling 919-807-6840 or toll free from anywhere in North Carolina at 888-680-7684.

You can anonymously report the scam or fraud. Information is also available atĀ www.ncdoi.gov.



  • BeachBall

    Hire a professional CPA to handle finances! Not sure we lost over the years, but now we have an accountant that provides a monthly report.

    Tuesday, Apr 2 @ 6:02 pm
  • Landshark

    Terrible crime for sure, deprives the community of valuable life saving equipment as the Commissioner said. She must face the consequences. That said, unless the volunteer fire department budget is millions of dollars per year, not noticing the theft of $200,000 in a 2 year period is a failure of management. Even the most basic audit would reveal that kind of gap. Given peopleā€™s increasing dishonesty and need to steal, might be worth spending $5,000 a year on a decent, independent audit of the books to prevent hundreds of thousands from walking out the door.

    Tuesday, Apr 2 @ 6:28 pm

    People do not steal because they “need to” , they steal because of opportunity, temptation or greed. Giving into either of these makes a thief. The residents and especially the volunteers of Lower Currituck deserve much better.

    Wednesday, Apr 3 @ 6:51 am
  • Tip of the iceberg

    @Landshark: failure of management is 100% correct. seems to be a lot more going on than just embezzlementā€¦

    Wednesday, Apr 3 @ 11:07 am
  • Hold My Beer

    Treasurer of First Flight Middle School PTO charged with embezzlement of $5,000

    Woman from Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department says, “Hold My Beer”

    Wednesday, Apr 3 @ 4:10 pm
  • Chris Corso

    Put this one in jail and throw away the key. Just terrible terrible news for sure. We in lower Currituck are not the richest in the county and for someone stealing from us is worse that worse.

    Wednesday, Apr 3 @ 11:05 pm
  • jackie harris

    Her bond should have equaled her Thief and should have been Cash Bond!

    Thursday, Apr 4 @ 8:12 am
  • Different Jody

    See this too often. Any organization should put simple control measures in place to prevent this from happening. A procedure called “Segregation of Duties” ensures that no single person has full control of the finances. Without these basic procedures, you are at high risk of fraud.

    Saturday, Apr 6 @ 9:07 am
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