Stories by Audra Krieg

Outer Banks Mom: The OBX Kid-Citizen of Hurricane Dorian

You don’t need to be searching for signs of togetherness and community around here this week. It’s clear that the Outer Banks is tightly knit and neighbors are often more…

Sep 6

Outer Banks Mom: Date like you’re on vacation

It’s been kind of quiet around the Outer Banks Mom blog lately. The quietness is partially because it’s “busy season” around here. As a business owner, I hit the ground…

Aug 6

Outer Banks Mom: Wanda’s Monster and Manteo memories

A morning off with my kids in the Summer is a very rare occurrence, but when it does happen, we always try to make the most of the time. This week we headed to Roanoke Island to check out Wanda’s Monster and made a full morning of it in Manteo.

Jul 3

Outer Banks Mom: Free adventures await

So, other than the beach, what is there to do on the Outer Banks? I’ve been asked this question a hundred times and the truth is, there are so many options, you’re sure to find amazing places to explore.

Jun 16

Barrier Island Bagels offers more than just great food

I recently found out that they offer an amazing Homeowners Program for folks who rent out their beach houses on the Outer Banks. Homeowners simply call Allie to set up the way that they want to offer bagels to their guests.

Jun 5

Outer Banks Mom: Tricks and tips for easy beach trips

Since my husband works full time, if I want to go to the beach during the day, I’m flying solo with the kids, so a simple beach haul is key. Aside from beach towels and beach chairs, only six things make it into the beach bag that I carry.

May 23

Outer Banks Mom: OBX Hot Yoga honors light, love and heat

When the instructor enters the room, she closes a glass sliding door behind her and the heat really begins to kick up. The state of the art, infrared heating system allows your muscles to relax and as you sweat your body is releasing toxins.

May 9

Outer Banks Mom: KidsFest, much more than a kid party

The Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County doesn’t stop at KidsFest for the youngsters of Dare County. There are so many amazing events and programs that they host and support throughout the entire year.

May 5

Outer Banks Mom: Bullseye! Date like you’re on vacation

There is something about a brand new experience with your spouse or loved one that takes you back to that feeling like you’re out on a date during vacation. My husband and I try to squeeze these kinds of things in as often as possible.

May 3

Outer Banks Mom: Strawberries by the sea

I‘m convinced that the Outer Banks is the best place to raise a family. We seem to have this perfect pocket of beautiful beaches that meet rustic farmland and I…

Apr 24

Outer Banks Mom: Sending balloons to heaven

Every Outer Banks local and every Outer Banks vacationer has a story about why this place matters so much to them. Because of this, we have many celebration of life ceremonies and gatherings here on our beaches.

Apr 16

Outer Banks Mom: Trashion Show and Beach Cleanups

Our sponsors are spending the next week cleaning the beach and then they are getting crafty to create an outfit out of the things they find during a beach cleanup. They will work the runway wearing their very own handcrafted outfits.

Apr 2