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Get great benefits working at Kitty Hawk Kites
Housing, Recreation, and Discounts, Oh My!

As a community of adventurers and beach enthusiasts, Kitty Hawk Kites delivers an experience of a lifetime to our guests and our employees. We have over 25 locations in 7 states, with…

Apr 8

Kitty Hawk Kites tandem hang gliding lesson

Tandem Hang Gliding Lessons with Kitty Hawk Kites
Fly Higher this Spring

There is nothing like it…and it’s the closest you can get to flying like a bird.    Tandem hang gliding is one of the most exciting activities available on the Outer…

Jan 13

Kitty Hawk Kites 1902 Wright Glider experience

Make History on the Outer Banks
Fly a Reproduction 1902 Wright Glider

Looking to make history while you’re on the Outer Banks? Fly a reproduction of the Wright Brothers’ 1902 Glider!

Oct 8

Kitty Hawk Kites hang gliding school manager teaching someone how to hang glide

Kitty Hawk Kites Instructor
‘Why I Love Teaching Hang Gliding’

 By Wolf Gaidis, Flight School Manager, Kitty Hawk Kites Very simply, I love teaching hang gliding because I love watching someone’s life change right in front of me. We have all sorts of…

Sep 10

Tandem Hang Gliding
The Best View in the Outer Banks

Our tandem hang gliding instructor, Luke, takes a student up in a tandem hang gliding lesson over the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Enjoy the view!

Aug 27

More Than Just a Beach
Explore the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks stretches over 100 miles from Corolla to Ocracoke. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to visit and things to do on the Outer Banks.

Aug 13

The Outer Banks' Favorite Watersport
Learn How to Kiteboard

Kiteboarding is guaranteed to get your heart pounding, yet it is easy enough for almost anyone to learn!

Aug 6

Learn to Fly with Kitty Hawk Kites
Harness the Power of the Wind

Wind is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It keeps us cool, generates power, and with the right equipment and conditions, enables us to take flight.

Jul 22

Boats, Wine, and Good Times
Sanctuary Vineyard Voyage

Sanctuary Vineyards is in an area rich in waterfowl heritage and farming which dates back to the 1800s.

Jul 16

Kitty Hawk Kites' Dune Hang gliding video thumbnail

Hang Gliding: A 46-Year-Old Outer Banks Tradition

A long-standing tradition on the Outer Banks is taking a Hang Gliding lesson with Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey's Ridge State Park.

Jul 9

Changing lives for 46 years
Hang gliding on the Outer Banks

Sign up for a hang gliding lesson with Kitty Hawk Kites. The Outer Banks has ideal conditions for teaching hang gliding off of the dunes or from the back of a tow plane at 2,000 feet above the Currituck Outer Banks.

Jul 2