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‘It’s the greatest underdog tale’

Film students are bringing the Wright Brothers story to the screen
By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice Despite their monumental achievement of inventing the world's first successful motor-operated airplane and shaping the course of history, the story of the Wright Brothers has never been brought to life on the silver screen Full story

Jun 2

Andy Howell proves you can go home again

Skateboarder, surfer, entrepreneur brings his Ghost Ship to OBX
Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice
When Andy Howell, professional skateboarder turned lifestyle and technology entrepreneur moved to the Outer Banks in early 2021, it was not a move he had planned. Full story

May 24

In Nags Head, a net gain for beach volleyball

Mark Welch’s campaign to help revive a once-popular OBX sport
By Maggie Miles  | Outer Banks Voice
At its May 3 meeting, the Nags Head Board of Commissioners announced that the town would install two beach volleyball courts at Satterfield Landing, adjacent to the existing dog and recreation park. Full story

May 20

“The Outer Banks Redneck Geek”

Ray Wells climbs to new heights to rescue cats and drones By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice On the morning of May 9, Missy Eppard woke up to a phone call from her neighbor who had spotted her young cat, Barbie, stuck high up in a tree outside his second-story window. The neighbor tried to help her get Barbie down with a ladder, but she was too high in the tree. Full story

May 17

The hunt for original homes on Hatteras and Ocracoke

Keeper James Charlet seeks to learn their untold stories By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice After quitting his job following 25-years as a classroom teacher and relocating his family from Charlotte, NC to Hatteras in the late '80s, Keeper James Charlet—known then simply as James Charlet—had an epiphany. Full story

May 10

From Manteo to the Metropolitan Opera

Tshombe Selby debuts in solo role in “Champion By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice The Metropolitan Opera, "Champion" will be live streamed at the Kill Devil Hills Movies 10 on April 29th at 12:55 pm.  Full story

Mar 23

The e-bike revolution hits the Outer Banks

A machine for ‘the most athletic person and the most lazy person’ By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice Chip Cowan of Outer Banks Bicycle in Kill Devil Hills was definitely not an e-bike guy. Full story

Apr 29

Pioneer Theater to open May 20 with MMS athletic awards event

Venue to host everything from classic movies to comedy, from music to talent shows
By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice
The owners of the recently acquired Pioneer Theater have been hard at work remodeling the historic theater, as evidenced by the 40’s style marquee laid out across the front of the building. And the community will not have to wait much longer for the doors to open. Full story

Apr 26

After Nashville shooting, Currituck Schools will enforce visitation ID policy

By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice
About a week after of the March 27 Nashville Tennessee school shooting that took six lives, the Currituck County School District sent out a memo reinforcing a school visitation ID policy that it acknowledges had not always been enforced. Full story

Apr 18

On the road again: An OBX couple captures the grandeur of our national parks

By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice Throughout Ed Gowland’s career as a mechanical engineer turned Outer Banks realtor, his managers would frequently come back from vacations and describe “wonderful cruises” and “going to Europe.” But for his part, Gowland “was always of the opinion [that] I want to see the United States.” Full story

Apr 15

Manteo Board approves downtown ‘social district’ effective immediately

By Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice The Town of Manteo became the 32nd community in North Carolina to approve a social district with a unanimous April 5 vote by its board of commissioners. Full story

Apr 6

Every beach needs a Delbert

The life and times of an Outer Banks legend
Maggie Miles | Outer Banks Voice In the song “Stoned Immaculate,” Jim Morrison declares that “No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.” That was the mentality that Outer Banks surf icon Delbert Melton, who passed away on March 15, had every day while paddling out to catch a wave. Full story

Mar 17