Stories by Rosie Hawthorne

Rosie’s Recipes: Get Poppin’ With Jalapeños

One thing I can always count on to be going strong in my late summer garden is my crop of peppers – particularly my jalapeño peppers.  After making all manner…

Sep 13

Rosie’s Recipes: Welcome to Figanomics

In August, we celebrate the fig.  Traditionally, Ocracoke Island has an annual fig festival to mark their passion for figs, but with the constraints of the coronavirus this year, instead…

Aug 27

Rosie’s Recipes: Dog Day Delights

(Plus, the origin of the term “Dog Days of Summer”) During the heat of the summer season, I like light meals – nothing too heavy for the Dog Days of…

Jul 8

Rosie’s Recipes: More Bang Bang for your Buck Buck

I’ve been cooking a lot of shrimp lately.  I have a freezer-full and it’s come in quite handy during these COVID-19 times.  As always, I’m thinking of new ways to…

Jun 15

Rosie’s Recipes: For May, Try Shrimp Etouffée

  Shrimp – quite the versatile little crustacean.  One can boil it, steam it, bake it, grill it, fry it, sauté it.  Or one can smother it, which is what…

May 18

Rosie’s Recipes: Welcome April With Asparagus

  It’s springtime and with Outer Banks weather being what it is and doing what it does – in the 70s and sunny one day, in the 50s and pouring…

Apr 16

Rosie’s Recipes: Quick And Easy Shrimp Skewers

My freezer is always stocked with shrimp and I’m forever looking for different ways to prepare this mouthwatering crustacean.  Throw in some imagination and a flavorsome, delectable meal is only…

Mar 13

Rosie’s Recipes: A Little Lava Lovin’ Goes A Long Way

One can never go wrong with chocolate.  Whether or not you indulge in Valentine’s Day, these molten chocolate lava cakes, for purity of taste and simplicity of execution, are a…

Feb 4

Rosie’s Recipes: Ply Me With Potstickers

Every now and then, I get a yen for Asian cuisine and one of my go-to favorites is potstickers. They’re quick.  They’re easy.  And they’re quite versatile.  Golden brown and…

Jan 14

Rosie’s Recipes: Christmas Treats – Mocha Toffee Cashew Bars

When baking Christmas treats, I look for two things – simplicity and deliciousness.  These mocha toffee cashew bars hit both marks easily.

Dec 23

Rosie’s Recipes: Christmas Treats – Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are a perennial favorite and Christmas wouldn’t be quite as Christmasy without these cinnamon treats.

Dec 23

Rosie’s Recipes: Christmas Treats! Nut And Berry Bark

For your Christmas baking pleasure, I’d like to share some of my tried and true Christmas recipes.  This nut and berry bark is one of everybody’s favorite Christmas treats.  And…

Dec 16