Stories by Rosie Hawthorne

Rosie’s Recipes: Not Yo’ Mama’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I’m taking a childhood favorite and putting a Rosie-spin on it.  I’m making an adult version of macaroni and cheese with grown-up flavors. Full story

Jun 25

Rosie’s Recipes: Get Your Side Hustle On

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Never underestimate the importance of a good side dish. Full story

May 19

Rosie’s Recipes: Wingin’ It

I’m going with an American favorite this month – fried chicken.  But not fried breasts or thighs, since because of their size, they can be difficult to cook evenly.  I’m using the… Full story

Apr 2

Rosie’s Recipes: Happy Pi Day

By Rosie Hawthorne  | Outer Banks Voice
I never need a reason to make dessert, but since it’s March and I’m in an irrational mathematical mood and pi is a favorite irrational number, I feel obliged to make a pie to celebrate National Pi Day on 3/14. Full story

Mar 10

Rosie’s Recipes: Hit Me with your Best Choc!

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
One never needs a special occasion to break out the chocolate and celebrate, but since Valentine’s Day is upon us, and if you’re the kind to celebrate that sort of thing, it’s as good a time as any.  If you don’t have a significant other, make these for your significant self.  Rosie’s here to offer up a few chocolate brownie recipes that are sure to please. Full story

Feb 3

Rosie’s Recipes: Time To Rise ‘n’ Shine

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Breakfast - the meal that confirms the day and the meal that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I have a few breakfast ideas for you to incorporate into your morning repast and I think you’ll enjoy them. Full story

Jan 25

Rosie’s Recipes: ‘Tis The Season – For Cranberries

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice For a festive and seasonal dessert, I’m showcasing cranberries this month. Full story

Dec 12

Rosie’s Recipes: A Thanksgiving Dessert to be thankful for

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Most of you probably have your Thanksgiving meal already planned – turkey with giblet gravy, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn pudding,… Full story

Nov 11

Rosie’s Recipes: Please Pass The Brassica Oleracea

By Rosie Hawthorne  May I please have some more cauliflower? Now I bet that’s something you don’t hear often. But if you try out these recipes, you just might hear requests for… Full story

Oct 8

Rosie’s Recipes: Sweet Salute to Summer

By Rosie Hawthorne It’s time for one last Summer hurrah and I have a refreshing, mouth-wateringly delectable ice cream treat for you.  Cool mint and rich chocolate – a satisfying pair if… Full story

Sep 10

Rosie’s Recipes: Life’s a Beach Peach

By Rosie Hawthorne My earliest vacation memories with my parents are the summer trips we took to Myrtle Beach to stay for a week with friends who owned an oceanfront cottage.  This… Full story

Aug 8

Rosie’s Recipes: Garden Vegetables + Fresh Herbs = Bowlful Of Summer

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice It’s time to raid the summer garden.  And it’s ripe for the pickin’. For those of you with gardens, I imagine you might have an… Full story

Jul 3