Stories by Rosie Hawthorne

Rosie’s Recipes: A Crabilicious Feast

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
With the Thanksgiving holidays approaching, it’s always nice to have appetizers lurking around while you’re waiting for the big bird to emerge from the oven or for the day after when you’ve got leftovers galore and just want a little something different to brighten up the vestiges from the previous day.  I’ve got just the ticket – crabmeat.  Consider it one more thing to be thankful for. Full story

Nov 8

Rosie’s Recipes: A Sauce To Prickle Your Fancy

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
My offering this month is something a bit unusual.  We’ve seen these plants all over the Outer Banks, but I’ve never seen anybody use the fruit from them, so naturally I had to do something about that.  I’m talking about the prickly pear cactus.  I’ve seen the paddles, or nopales, sold in the produce section of the supermarkets, but I’ve never seen the fruits, and that red fruit the cactus produces is deliciously edible. Full story

Oct 1

Rosie’s Recipes: Herb Your Enthusiasm

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
Basil is my favorite summer herb and this month’s column is devoted to this wonderfully aromatic and versatile culinary herb. Full story

Sep 6

Rosie’s Recipes: Scallops To Pack A Wallop

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
Today, I’m taking my favorite bivalve mollusks – sea scallops - and pan-searing them in a combination of butter and oil and then accenting them with a basic gastrique sauce. A gastrique is simply a sweet and sour sauce, starring some sort of fruit (or fruits), tweaked with sugar, and balanced out with a vinegar. I’m using strawberries and blood oranges for the fruits and a good quality balsamic vinegar for the tartness to complement. Full story

Aug 8

Rosie’s Recipes: Happy Fourth Of July! Let’s Celebrate With Tortilla Pie

By Rosie Hawthorne
I have a crowd-pleasing favorite recipe for you that’s perfect for a Fourth of July party or a summer picnic or anytime you need to bring something to the table.  It’s my Corn Bean Tortilla Pie and whenever I make it, I usually make two of them so I can take one to the party and then have one all for myself.  At any gathering I’ve taken it to, it’s always the first thing to be eaten.  Full story

Jul 4

Rosie’s Recipes: Tofu Or Not Tofu, That Is The Question

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
I never thought I’d like tofu, but with this dish, I’ve seen the light. Full story

Jun 5

Rosie’s Recipes: Mother’s Day Mini Cheesecakes for Maximum Decadence

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
If you’re trying to decide what to get Mama for Mother’s Day, may I suggest making these mini-cheesecakes?  A graham cracker base is filled with a simple cheesecake mixture and topped with caramel sauce and fluffy, light-as-a-cloud whipped cream. Full story

May 6

Rosie’s Recipes: Gettin’ Down To The Nitty Gritty

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
Grits, a uniquely Southern dish, have come a long way - from a simple mixture of water and ground corn as breakfast food to a more complex, creamy, savory, and cheesy culinary dish, suitable for the dinner table.  On Sunday mornings, however, I like to take my time with breakfast or brunch, and one of my preferred dishes for this leisurely meal is a classic favorite – shrimp and grits. Full story

Apr 5

Rosie’s Recipes: Pi and Pie –  Oh My!

Call me irrational, but I love National Pi Day (March 14 or 3/14) and in honor of the day, I’m making PIE -  a lovely and luscious lemon pie which heralds the spring season and celebrates the never-ending occasion. Full story

Mar 7

Rosie’s Recipes: Mad About Mushrooms

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
There’s nothing quite like a bowl of steaming, comforting soup when the weather outside is freezing and non-comforting.  Disclaimer:  Since this is the Outer Banks, the weather, of course, could be in the 70s and delightful when this column is published.  If so, tuck the recipe away for later use.  There will be a nor’easter soon enough and this dish will call out to you, so be patient. Full story

Feb 16

Rosie’s Recipes: Holy Pozole! It’s A Celebratory Soup

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
After gleaning through a bunch of pozole recipes, I came up with a fairly straightforward and simple one that’s hearty and perfect for a winter’s meal.  And what better way to celebrate the New Year than with pozole!  I served a jalapeño cornbread alongside for sopping up any leftover juices. Full story

Jan 1

Rosie’s Recipes: Whole Lotta Shuckin’ Goin’ On

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
To me, there’s no better way to eat an oyster than freshly shucked, with a squirt of lemon juice, and slurped down right off the half shell.  Sometimes, however, one wants something a little more substantial, so I’m offering  oysters on the half shell with an array of toppings that’s sure to please the palate. Full story

Dec 12