Stories by Rosie Hawthorne

Rosie’s Recipes: Herbalicious Tuna

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice My tuna connection has been keeping me well-supplied with some lovely tuna fillets this season.   And just to keep it interesting, I’ve been coming up with all sorts of preparations for this wonderful fish.  Today’s tuna dish is “Herbalicious Tuna.”  It’s seared and sliced tuna steaks accented with a fresh herbal condiment – my  variation on gremolata and chimichurri sauces. Full story

Sep 12

Rosie’s Recipes: Summertime And The Eatin’ Is Peachy

Summer meals should be fresh and light and that’s just what I’m offering.  My fish is as fresh as it comes, straight from ocean to table, my green bean salad, because we all need a little green on the plate, is a summery delight, and I’m using peaches - the queen of summertime fruits - from start to finish.  I have a peach purée to serve alongside my fish entrée - either seared sea bass or fried tilefish.   Dessert is an all-time summer favorites - peach pie.  And don’t forget the homemade peach ice cream! Full story

Aug 12

Rosie’s Recipes: Tuna “Salad” With A Twist

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice When you’re gifted a whole tuna loin, what do you do?  You get creative.  And this unconventional tuna “salad” is just one of several preparations I came up with. Full story

Jul 13

Rosie’s Recipes: Not Yo’ Mama’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I’m taking a childhood favorite and putting a Rosie-spin on it.  I’m making an adult version of macaroni and cheese with grown-up flavors. Full story

Jun 25

Rosie’s Recipes: Get Your Side Hustle On

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Never underestimate the importance of a good side dish. Full story

May 19

Rosie’s Recipes: Wingin’ It

I’m going with an American favorite this month – fried chicken.  But not fried breasts or thighs, since because of their size, they can be difficult to cook evenly.  I’m using the… Full story

Apr 2

Rosie’s Recipes: Happy Pi Day

By Rosie Hawthorne  | Outer Banks Voice
I never need a reason to make dessert, but since it’s March and I’m in an irrational mathematical mood and pi is a favorite irrational number, I feel obliged to make a pie to celebrate National Pi Day on 3/14. Full story

Mar 10

Rosie’s Recipes: Hit Me with your Best Choc!

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice
One never needs a special occasion to break out the chocolate and celebrate, but since Valentine’s Day is upon us, and if you’re the kind to celebrate that sort of thing, it’s as good a time as any.  If you don’t have a significant other, make these for your significant self.  Rosie’s here to offer up a few chocolate brownie recipes that are sure to please. Full story

Feb 3

Rosie’s Recipes: Time To Rise ‘n’ Shine

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Breakfast - the meal that confirms the day and the meal that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I have a few breakfast ideas for you to incorporate into your morning repast and I think you’ll enjoy them. Full story

Jan 25

Rosie’s Recipes: ‘Tis The Season – For Cranberries

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice For a festive and seasonal dessert, I’m showcasing cranberries this month. Full story

Dec 12

Rosie’s Recipes: A Thanksgiving Dessert to be thankful for

By Rosie Hawthorne | Outer Banks Voice Most of you probably have your Thanksgiving meal already planned – turkey with giblet gravy, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn pudding,… Full story

Nov 11

Rosie’s Recipes: Please Pass The Brassica Oleracea

By Rosie Hawthorne  May I please have some more cauliflower? Now I bet that’s something you don’t hear often. But if you try out these recipes, you just might hear requests for… Full story

Oct 8