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The restaurant-omics of a pandemic

Why COVID-19 has upended many business models As we entered into Phase Two of statewide the statewide COVID reopening scheme, local restaurants were able to take advantage of new policies that opened… Full story

Jun 12

For troubled OBX fishing industry, COVID-19 is one more blow

The Outer Banks’ commercial fishing industry has seen its share of problems over the past few years. Federal neglect of the Oregon and Hatteras Island inlets has caused shoaling, making it difficult… Full story

May 21

Texts, masks, gloves, sanitizers — and good food

Why a return to indoor dining felt safe and pleasant This past weekend North Carolina relaxed its rules concerning restaurant operations in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The new rules require… Full story

May 26

Need SBA help for your business? What to know

By Russ Lay  |  Outer Banks Voice Disclaimer: The following information is provided by the Outer Banks Voice and the NC STBDC for informational purposes only based upon the best information we… Full story

Apr 17

Peace, love and pizza. Peace of the Pie brings a new touch to an old favorite

      Pizza. It’s already a crowded field on the Outer Banks.  One might think opening a new pizza restaurant would give the new entrants some pause. But if the new… Full story

Mar 7

The Cookshak-The OBX finally has its own ‘chicken joint’

When it comes to food, the Outer Banks enjoys choices from two distinct culinary traditions. As a coastal resort, seafood has always played a leading role with local as well as Caribbean… Full story

Aug 19

Reynolds Barber Shop-experience the ‘old’ OBX and a slice of Americana

A young U.S. Coast Guard member takes a seat with his wife in the store. It’s close to 4:30 and Reynolds Barbershop is approaching closing time. Two more men await their turn… Full story

Sep 11

Far Out Bistro is worth the ‘far out’ trip to Manteo

Quick. Name some varieties of food that tend to form the theme of a restaurant. You might have thought of food groups such as pizza, burgers, steak, pasta or even salads. Or… Full story

Aug 3

Masala Bay: Authentic Indian food has arrived on the OBX

Four of the nine people in our group consider themselves well-acquainted with Indian food, including one New Yorker. He pronounced Masala Bay equal to the Big Apple eateries he frequents. Full story

Oct 23

Jul 24

Birding on the Outer Banks: Vultures and martins abound

This month, let’s take an in-depth look at our two vulture species, Turkey and Black. They are both large, dark birds, related to hawks, which do an outstanding job of cleaning up… Full story

Jul 10

Max’s Pizza: New digs are a win-win for owners and patrons

Fans of Max’s Pizza who have been missing their lasagna and excellent pies, we have some good news. Max’s is back at a new location that sports a larger, more appealing dining… Full story

Jun 26