Bobby Hanig of Currituck to challenge Rep. Beverly Boswell

By on February 19, 2018

Hanig filing at the Currituck Board of Elections.

Currituck County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bobby Hanig of Powells Point filed Monday to run for the Republican nomination to the N.C. House of Representatives District 6 seat, setting up a primary challenge to incumbent Rep. Beverly Boswell of Kill Devil Hills.

Hanig is serving his first term representing Currituck’s District 2 and was elected chairman in December 2017 after being sworn in the same day.

In his first interview after filing at the Board of Elections, Hanig told The Outer Banks Voice one of his goals is for northeastern North Carolina to have more influence in the General Assembly.

“I feel that my experience and my ability to bring folks together is what I will bring most to Raleigh,” Hanig said.

Hanig will try to become the first legislator from Currituck to serve in the N.C. General Assembly since 1965.

“I believe that Currituck has earned the right to be at the table,” Hanig said, noting the county’s size and growth over the past two decades.

The winner of the May 8 primary will face an opponent in the general election. Tess Judge of Kitty Hawk is the lone Democrat to have filed to run for the seat representing Currituck, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico counties.

More from Hanig’s announcement:

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help the people of Currituck, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico Counties by going to Raleigh to cut taxes, create jobs, and be a voice for our communities,” Hanig said.

“Many people reached out to me to encourage me to run, and I look forward to continuing my public service in the General Assembly,” Hanig said.

After serving in the United States Army, Hanig settled in Currituck County, where he’s lived for over 25 years. Hanig is a self-made small business owner who founded two small businesses, and he grew a one-man operation into a business that services roughly 400 properties in the Outer Banks area.

As chairman of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners, Hanig has held the line on government spending and has spent his time focused on strengthening the local economy.

After finding discrepancies in financial reports, Hanig ordered a financial review of the Currituck school district’s finances to determine if taxpayer money was being spent wisely. Hanig said he would apply the same proactive approach to state finances in the General Assembly.

Hanig says that his focus in the House of Representatives would be on working with other conservatives to reduce wasteful government spending, cut the red tape that hurts local businesses, lower taxes, and create jobs in the area.

“The thing I enjoy most about being a county commissioner is meeting voters and listening to the issues they find important,” Hanig said. “I’m excited about traveling across this district, listening to the voters from Hyde, Pamlico, Dare and Currituck Counties, and letting them know that Bobby Hanig is the responsive representative they deserve.”

“Just as I’ve been a conservative voice on the county commission, I’ll be their conservative voice in the General Assembly,” Hanig said.


  • Joan

    You have to look closely at how Mr. Hanig is running things now, to decide if you would vote for him. Especially look at this Beach Parking Permit decision today, and how the rollout goes. There is no study, no examination of what works, no experience with this kind of decision, no communication with those who matter or who already rented cottages this year expecting the usual free beaches. We are so blessed to have people who want to visit our beautiful environment, it took decades to build it. Now he is creating ways to turn them away. There are ways to reach goals successfully, and congestion is a problem…but they are going to pass this tonight just because they can. HE is proving he does not listen to his constituents.

    Monday, Feb 19 @ 3:09 pm
  • Local obxer

    Ok Currituck it’s easy renters and local resident get free passes day trippers pay for a short term pass that was you don’t look like typical greedy government!!

    Monday, Feb 19 @ 8:21 pm
  • Rick Shaftan

    You’d have to wonder what kind of “Republican” would run against Boswell, a solid conservative, taxpayer hero and champion for pro-life and for our Second Amendment rights. This guy’s obviously some kind of liberal plant.

    Monday, Feb 19 @ 9:27 pm
  • Carter McKay

    Should be interesting to see a sitting county commissioner who is loathed by a large portion of the constituency he serves given a rousing defeat in the very county he calls home.

    Wednesday, Feb 21 @ 7:34 am
  • Karen Riley

    Hanig sounds like a lot of carpetbagger gibberish! No thanks, I’ll stick with a tried and true conservative, Beverly G. Boswell!

    Thursday, Feb 22 @ 8:24 pm
  • Karen Riley

    Mr. Hanig sounds like a lot of carpetbagger gibberish! No thanks, I’ll stick with a tried and true conservative, Beverly G. Boswell.

    Thursday, Feb 22 @ 8:27 pm
  • Cliff Claven

    Mr. Hanig would not be running if Ms. Boswell wasn’t such a bad candidate. For those who hope the seat remains in GOP hands, better fall behind a candidate who could win. Ms. Boswell barely won last time and is on her way out, due the to plastic bag issue.

    Saturday, Feb 24 @ 2:59 am
  • Record

    Hopefully, people will look at his BOC record and the downright silly reasons he gives for his votes or lack of.

    Then come general election, people will vote for a candidate, not a party affiliation.

    Monday, Feb 26 @ 3:49 pm