Another half million to go toward tackling Nags Head flooding

By on January 7, 2019

Flooding after Hurricaen Matthew. (Voice)

Nags Head plans to invest another half million dollars into stormwater drainage to help ease flooding that has grown more widespread in recent years after storms and heavy downpours.

Commissioners approved a loan package Wednesday that includes money for work on the drainage systems leading to the ocean outfall near the Red Drum and other areas of town.

The oceanfront neighborhood around the Red Drum was hit hard by flooding from rainfall during Hurricane Matthew in 2016, with water running into Beach Road businesses and yards between the highways.

Hatchell Concrete was the lowest among four bidders at $514,800 for all of the work.

Plans call for improvements at the upstream end of the ocean outfall in the Gallery Row area, a groundwater lowering pump system servicing the Nags Head Acres and Vista Colony neighborhoods and an infiltration trench installation along South Virginia Dare Trail between Mall Drive and Epstein Street

Ten flood-prone areas remain in the Town’s Stormwater Management Capital Improvement Plan project listing. Conceptual development is in progress and will be introduced for the Board’s consideration at their Fiscal Year 2019-2020 CIP workshop in early spring 2019.

The loan package includes a 20-percent contingency on the drainage project, plus $82,704 to replace the HVAC system at Doug Remaley Fire Station 16 with a $3,000 contingency.

Nags Head will borrow a total of $705,000 from BB&T bank, subject to the approval of the state’s Local Government Commission, which makes sure localities do not take on too much debt to maintain balanced budgets.

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  • Megan

    Nags Head is about to get a whole heck of a lot worse with the monstrosity of a hotel KDH has allowed to be built there near John Yancey Inn. When Matthew hit and the beach road/surfing spoon area flooded – the source of that water was the beach road. It was a river diverting all that water to Nags Head. Now with that concrete footprint of a hotel and the parking lot. It’s going to get worse. WAY WORSE. When Matthew hit, there was a lot of room for that water on that site. Doesn’t take a degree in science or engineering to figure it out. Just a little common sense. Something the developers and politicians here lack. More development means less permeable surfaces means more flooding. Surfing Spoon get ready, I bet it’ll flood at least a foot higher there next time we see a storm dump that much rain in the same amount of time.

    Monday, Jan 7 @ 11:37 am
  • surf123

    All the money that comes into via tax revenue (property and others) and Nags Head has to borrow $500k. More troubling is borrowing $82K to replace the HVAC. Is there no money set aside for what should be a long-term maintenance item. Probably not as my guess is that all of it is pre-spent before it comes in.

    Monday, Jan 7 @ 3:17 pm
  • Joan

    Perhaps the town will pay back the loan when they sell their share of “The Event Site” back to the Visitors Bureau? Good trade to fix flooding if they do.

    Thursday, Jan 10 @ 11:06 am