Democrats pick candidate for Congress; GOP will need runoff

By on April 30, 2019

Joan Perry

Greg Murphy

Democrat Allen Thomas finished with 50% of the vote Tuesday to earn his party’s nomination in the race to fill the Congressional seat of the late Rep. Walter B. Jones, while a runoff is on tap for the Republican slot.

Greg Murphy finished at the top of the field of 17 Republican candidates with 22.5 percent of the vote, less than the 30% needed to avoid a runoff. He will face Joan Perry, who picked up 15.4%, on July 9 if she requests it.

Currituck County Commissioners Paul Beaumont and Mike Payment finished deep in the field. Beaumont received 1.27%, and Payment’s support registered a little more than a half of a percent.

A former mayor of Greenville, Thomas became executive director of the North Carolina Global Transpark in 2017.

Murphy and Perry are both medical doctors. Murphy is a member of the state House of Representatives from Pitt County. Perry, a pediatrician from Kinston, has never run for public office.

Meanwhile, Tim Harris defeated Shannon W. Bray for the Libertarian nomination. Also on the Sept. 10 General Election ballot will be Constitution Party candidate Gregory Monroe Holt.

Jones, a Republican who served in the House of Representatives for 24 years, died Feb. 10. His current term runs through 2020.

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  • Lee

    Well Mr. Beaumont and Mr. Payment you know how the people of Carova feel when the large mass of voters from other areas win because of their numbers. I hope they listen better to the people from our area than you guys do to the people of carova.

    Thursday, May 2 @ 12:11 pm