Outer Banks Mom: OBX Hot Yoga honors light, love and heat

By on May 9, 2019

Over the past few months I have been on a personal health care journey. I mentioned in my post about self care that I was forced to slow down a little bit in the Fall and surprisingly enough, with the slower pace came more working out while I focused on my hearth health.

I had been hearing so much about the new OBX Hot Yoga in Nags Head, but to be honest, I pretty much ruled it out. I assumed that Hot Yoga was a class that was just for the intense yogis out there who were masters in their practice. I assumed that it was certainly not for someone like me who had never been consistent with yoga. I also assumed that the intense heat in the class would make me pass out and I’d lie there unconscious and wake up to buff yogi masters standing over me with disapproving looks. Y’all, I was so wrong!

From the moment that I walked into the OBX Hot Yoga studio, I felt relaxed. There is a true spa-vibe in the space and a soothing and welcoming voice will greet you and get you signed in for the class. Once you have a towel, yoga mat and any props, you select a space in the yoga room and you’re asked to sit quietly.

Within minutes the room is warming up and an instructor enters. OBX Hot Yoga offers several different levels of classes, but I’ve been sticking to the Gentle Flow or Level 1 classes. I’m especially loving the early morning Saturday and Sunday classes because I can sneak out while my husband and kids are still snuggled in beds and come home in time for Saturday morning breakfast or to make it to a soccer game.

In the Gentle Flow and Level 1 classes, I feel completely comfortable in my own practice. I feel like I can improve my balance, strength and meditation without feeling like the person next to me is judging me because they have been practicing much longer than I have.

This place truly feels so inclusive and welcoming, which is super important to me. One thing that I have come to love about yoga is that it is considered a “practice” and that allows me to feel like I don’t have to be perfect because I’m improving with each practice.

Sometimes when I try to switch up my workout routine I end up feeling inferior and quit before I can even improve. Practicing yoga with OBX Hot Yoga has eliminated that feeling for me because of their true desire to see me succeed.

Now, on to the hot part of Hot Yoga! When the instructor enters the room, she closes a glass sliding door behind her and the heat really begins to kick up. The state of the art, infrared heating system allows your muscles to relax and as you sweat your body is releasing toxins. In an effort to be completely transparent, it is HOT in there! I typically roll in with at least two large waters and a towel to dry off as the class goes on. Since sweating is such a big part of this, I have found that I need to triple my water intake on days that I practice.

I’ve had the opportunity to take classes from many instructors here and while the large majority of the class isn’t conversational, the instructors sometimes slip in an inspirational message during a pose that seems challenging.

They also each end their class with a beautiful salutation that I try to carry with me the rest of the day. This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking a class with Jessie. She was an incredible instructor and I felt amazing the rest of the day. Part of that post-workout high was because I had put in the effort to take the class, but her salutation was a big part of it as well. She said, “The light, love and heat in me honors the light, love and heat in you.”

As my day went on, I found so many ways to honor and appreciate others for their light, love and heat. I find that much like I practice yoga, it’s also possible to practice ways in which we truly see others for their light and love.

OBX Hot Yoga is the only hot yoga studio on the Outer Banks and the investment and pride in their business shows from start to finish. You can check out a class schedule and stay up to date with their events on their Facebook page.

If you’re here on vacation, it’s a great way to continue your practice. If you’re a local, you won’t be disappointed that you gave it a try! See you in the yoga studio!

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