Outer Banks Mom: Wanda’s Monster and Manteo memories

By on July 3, 2019

We are huge fans of The Lost Colony and love our annual visit to the waterside show. We love the age- old mystery and look forward to introducing our younger kids to the show when they’re just a little bit older.

In the meantime, we absolutely adore that The Lost Colony presents a children’s show that runs during the Summer days. This year, the show is the upbeat and sweet tale, Wanda’s Monster.

A morning off with my kids in the Summer is a very rare occurrence, but when it does happen, we always try to make the most of the time and do something extra fun. This week we headed to Roanoke Island to check out Wanda’s Monster and made a full morning of it in Manteo.

Wanda’s Monster was a total hit for our girls! The children’s theater is set up to allow the little ones to get up close and personal with the characters. With blankets laid out around the performing area, the kids can sit and watch without having to be in a theater-style seat. Our little Lulu was happily dancing and clapping along to the music and her joy was pretty contagious.

Now, this fuzzy purple monster wasn’t a scary monster, but his first happy “roar” did give both of my girls an excited jump. In our showing, there wasn’t a single scared tear or cry in the room. I’d say that this show is appropriate for all ages.

Wanda, the main character, will take you along as she learns about friendship and acceptance in this warm and fuzzy tale about the monster that lives in her closet. I’d recommend arriving 10 minutes early as the walk from the parking lot can take some time with little ones in tow.

Tickets are just $10 and available for Tuesday shows at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday shows at 2 p.m. Kids 2 and under are free. The Lost Colony also offers children’s theater camps throughout the Summer.

Next we stopped for a delicious lunch at the Hungry Pelican and a traditional stop at the Laughing Lollipop. I love that our kids have so many fond memories in Manteo. It has become such a great destination so close to home!

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