Moments from first-round playoff basketball contests at First Flight High

By on February 22, 2023

First Flight junior Carly Gardill (14) blocks a pass going to Currituck senior Annabelle O'Donnell. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
First Flight sophomore Summer Stevens (24) attempts to dribble through Currituck senior Octavia Everette. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
Bracing for impact, First Flight junior Kellen Morris (4) gets fouled by Currituck sophomore Savannah Banks. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
First Flight senior Courtney Beasley dribbles down the court during the last game of her high school career. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
Focusing on the ball, J.H. Rose junior Davis Hathaway (15) runs alongside First Flight senior Cam Van Lunen. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
- First Flight senior Eli Hawk (right) steals the ball from J.H. Rose junior Malachi Keyes. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
First Flight senior Isaac Dobie (top) soars over J.H. Rose senior Tyler Nelson. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
First Flight senior Zach Etheridge pushes off of J.H. Rose junior Jordan Garner. (Photos by Taylor Newton)
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Photos by Taylor Newton

The First Flight men defeated J.H. Rose 84-64 and will next host East Wake on Feb 23 at 7 p.m. The First Flight women’s team ended its season by falling to Currituck 51-33.

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